Volatile organic compounds | Source of air pollution

volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds are characterized as those organic chemicals with huge vapor pressure at normal room temperature. This huge vapor pressure is as a development of a minor boiling point, which results as the causation of more molecules are evaporated from the surface of the solid or liquid compound and penetrates into the air to … Read more

Tropical rain forests | Neutralizer going toward extension

Tropical rainforest

The forests play an important role in nature and also in the economic status of a country. The deforestation is continued about thousands of years ago. So their loss is the actual loss of the biodiversity of this planet. So we should avoid the process of the deforestation of the forests. The tropical rain forests are those … Read more

Thermal Pollution | Rise of temperature is pollution

Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution is a debasement of water character by any procedure which alters the complete temperature of the water in a specific area.  A reason for this Pollution is the utilization of water as a fluid agent ( gas or liquid) by the ability of plants and for industrial work.   When the water used as … Read more

Soil pollution | Enemy of natural beauty

soil pollution

The degradation of soil by human beings, chemicals, and other change in the natural soil is called soil contamination or soil pollution  It is mainly caused by improper disposal of waste products, agricultural chemicals, and industries waste products. Some solvents, pesticide lead, and other metals like heavy metals. Soil pollution has its effects on the … Read more

Soil erosion | Disintegration of necessary soil

Soil Erosion

The process in which the disintegration of soil takes place is called soil erosion. Our earth is divided into different spheres like hydrosphere, xerosphere etc. some parts of soil are completely covered with ice, these are called glaciers. Disintegration takes place in all these regions of soil.  Types of Soil Erosion There are different physical … Read more

Sea level rise | Effect of changing environment

Sea level rise

Sea level rise is the elevation of seawater due to the addition of more and more water in normal oceanic water. it is due to the melting of glaciers  on pols Explanation about sea-level rise Since at the slightest the setup of the 20th century the standard macro sea flatten replace has been rising. Between … Read more