About us

Biohavoc.com is a website containing updated information about the pressure facing by humans and other living beings i.e., animals and plants on the mother planet earth. Although the earth is the most beautiful planet in the universe, some unhealthy activates by humans are leading to its destruction.  We all know the most important attribute of the planet earth is the presence of an atmosphere. The presences of different gases in very balanced are the basic factor to flourish the life on the earth.  This facility is not present on any known planet of the universe.

The evolution of human beings leads to becoming the crown of the creature but he has adopted exploitatory behavior against natural resources that gives the raw material for the destruction of this beautiful earth.

Time goes on, but the lust of humans also gone towards higher and higher and for his comfort, he has to exploit almost all the natural resources. This is one side of the picture. The other thing is that man not only exploits the natural resource he added certain things in nature that spoiling it permanently.

Global warming is changing the overall face of the earth, the addition of non-degradable chemicals in the environment is polluting it, causing harm, and will be harmful to natural balance in coming years.

Although the earth has the ability to normalize all the imbalancemeant it required some pauses, but when we see around, there is no pause for earth for its breathing, and seems to be there will be no in near future. We, humans, have no limits and we are not giving space to other animals and plants and continuously damaging the natural habitats, forests, deserts, and ecosystems.

The industry is a big addition for human betterment, there are billions of products are there for human comfort but it gives pressure on earth significantly. The waste products of factories are now a big issue and causing harm to both humans and other life in their surroundings.

Graph of the human population rising rapidly and the food is basic need so humans have developed advanced agriculture techniques. Although this is very helpful and beneficial but excessive use of insecticide and pesticide adding unreversible damage to the environment. Hybrid crops with good yield are beneficial but they are replacing the wild-type verities.

Wild is the beauty of nature but eliminating it day by day. A variety of animals and plants are there on our earth but now we have a huge list of extinct biodiversity. We know extinction is a natural process but the recent era gives us different stats, that told us, humans, harmful activities, from the past few decades contribute a lot.

After the detailed visit to the motherland, humans want to explore the universe and to explore the extraterrestrials that are adding pollution to space also. Spaceships, space crafts, satellites, and their emotions are examples.

Different diseases and disorders, behavioral changes stress anxiety, and uncomfort all are the consequences of our advancement. We are tried to revive but this will be a very slow process.

Biohavoc.com will provide you all, a platform to discuss issues, faced by humankind and other living beings on earth. It is also a place, where you can share possible solutions to present and emerging challenges on mother planet earth.

The biohavoc.com team works intimately with a large group of national and worldwide professors, researchers, doctors, analysts, and specialists over a wide range of fields to make certain biohavoc.com substance is updated, precise encourages, and more advantageous to you.