Tropical rain forests going towards extension

The forests play an important role in nature and also in the economic status of a country. The deforestation is continued thousands of years ago. So their loss is the actual loss of the biodiversity of this planet. So we should avoid the process of deforestation.

The tropical rain forests are those that have specific biodiversity and nature. The forests cover about 30 percent of the earth’s crusts and helpful in maintaining the ecological balance. Let us discuss in detail their continual deforestation.

Explanation about Tropical rainforest

The forests are important for humans and the biodiversity of the earth. These play an important role in the conservation of biodiversity. But the rate of deforestation is very high now a day. The land is used for cattle and for agricultural purposes.

The tropical rain forests are present in the entire world and scientists consider that this conserver a very large number of biodiversity because the majority of the animals and plants are present in them.  

The forest of the Amazon is present in the American and the South American region. This provides the earth about 40 percent oxygen. The Amazon forests have a variety of animals and plants which are not discovered yet.

The Amazon forest is so vast that only 10 percent of it is discovered by scientists and the other survivalist and it considers that about 45 laky or above tribes are present in the Amazon. This is also a tropical rain forest and its presence in the 9 countries. These tropical rain forests are important to maintain the ecological balance maintaining.

Destruction of tropical rain forests

The tropical rain forests are destructed to get land. As we know that the Amazon is 20 percent destruct due to human activities and its destruction rate is increasing at an alarming rate. These forests are a great source of oxygen and also converter of carbon and other poisonous gases into renewable sources and also for the plants products.

The peoples who live in the Congo and near the Amazon are causing a huge loss to these forests because these divest the forests for the land and also for their domestic animals and causing serious harm to the biodiversity of these forests which cannot be reversed at any cost. At the beginning of the 20th century, the destruction rate was very high.

It is estimated that after 200 hundred years the tropical rain forests will be completely disappeared from the earth due to human activities and this is done to get the palm oil or forgetting the rubber from the different trees. These have a very dense and bad effect on the trees and biodiversity and also on the tropical rain forests.

It is considered that the tropical rain forests are responsible for climate change and also for the raining thousand kilometers away from their place. Because the weather system also relies on the tropical rain forests as it’s a goes circle of the rain and other resources.

The other causes of the tropical rain forests destruction are that a huge no of medical drugs are obtained from these forests so that this is also a reason for their destruction. Many human antibiotics of human interest are obtained from the rainforest.

The pharmaceutical industry is a huge industry of this leading world and it also involves nature imblanancing by getting the human interest of drugs from the tropical rain forests.

Tropical rainforest biome

Its a billion industry. The other cause of the tropical rain forests loss is that, the peoples living in Africa use thousand years old methods of medicines for treating their own health issues using the herbal and medical sciences. Hence the lack of the necessary food for the animals means a rapid change in the environmental situation and also responsible to harm to the other biodiversity.

Tropical rainforest climate

As it’s increasing the carbon level in the air and decreasing the oxygen level. We know that if the carbon level increases in the air mean it increases global warming and a severe environmental change from the world by increasing the temperature of the world.

Mostly the human activities are involved in this so that the tropical rain forests are divesting at a large number in the world. And their destruction rate is increasing day by day at an alarming rate. The agricultural and industrial usage of the wild species is responsible for this whole situation.

Effects of tropical rain forests loss

The tropical rain forests are very important for this planet of the earth as these maintain an ecological balance equal. If their current rate of destruction or deforestation continues then soon after some decades global warming will be a great issue for the world and many of the biodiversity will be lost from human hands. And also many of the animals will be extinct.

And countries like Japan and New Zealand and others which are located on the islands will be destructed due to the increase in the sea level water.

Global warming due accumulation of the gases increases the temp. hence when the temp. will be higher than the ice will melt rapidly from the glaciers consequently, a new situation will be developed for the entire world and many of the countries will be extinct due to the tornado in the sea and other tycoons.

Not only the humans but also the animals that live in the tropical rain forests will die due to their habitat loss. Hence we can say that tropical rain forests loss is a global issue nowadays and it needs to address an immediate response for the better future of the human and also for the other living organisms of this earth.

Recent studies show that the rain forest is cut down a very rapid rate of about 5 percent per year due to human activates.

All this is done due to the agriculture use and for the urbanization and also for the industrious purposes so that to obtain a better human life but the future generation of the humans will suffer from a very bad situation due to the current harm of the disforestation of the tropical rain forests. It also affects the water cycle.

So we can say that the effects of the tropical rain forest on this planet are very fast and these can affect a very large no of the biotic and the biotic species. The greenhouse effects as we mentioned above are also increasing due to the deforestation of the tropical rain forests of South America and the African region.

A majority of the animal species are suffering the extinction threat due to their habitat loss due to human activities.

Measures to save the tropical rain forests

The tropical rain forest can be saved from human by the stop of their commercial and industrial usage and also by making the law to stop the use of the land of the forests so that by taking these steps we can overcome to stop the disforestation and to save our nature and our biodiversity.

These all will be done to help to secure nature. Every year a lot of land is obtained from the tropical rain forests which should be immediately stopped by making the laws to protect the future of mankind and also for the humans of the future world. [1]Emerging Threats to Tropical Forests | SpringerLink [2] [3]

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar (Ph.D.)
University of Sargodha, Sargodha


1Emerging Threats to Tropical Forests | SpringerLink

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