Global warming | Planet earth getting hotter

What is global warming?

The continuous increase in the normal temperature of the earth is called global warming.

Explanation of global warming

The study of that increasing temperature can show a common result of warming. 

Global warming is due to human activity by the establishment of a more industrial unit in-country. Industrial smoke can disturb the particular weather of the environment or earth.

In the 1950s the change in particular weather due to global warming can be predicted.

In the mid of 20th century in 2013 the (IPCC) intergovernmental panel on climate change can be told that human activity and their established industrial units can cause global warming.

Global warming is due to air pollutants, and greenhouse gases, and increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment. The solar radiation and abundance of these pollutants in the environment can increase the temperature of the earth.

Then the planet can be hotter which is known as the greenhouse effect. The increase in temperature can cause skin infection, asthma, and allergies.  

In such a way the release of noxious gases from vehicles and industries. That noxious gases can disturb particular weather.

Greenhouse gasses

That condition is also called anthropogenic global warming and more increase in temperature. In different countries and regions, the particular weather is different. The different weather is due to fewer or more industrial units and the presence of moisture and high sea level.

Due to global warming, the ice cap or glaciers can melt which can increase the normally seen level of water, and reason floods.

Then the flood can destroy the soil fertility and nutrient balance can disturb the soil. The disturbance in soil fertility and loss of nutrient balance can decrease the normal or greater production of the crop. In greater time the greenhouse gases can leave in the air or atmosphere.

It is noted that due to global warming the earth’s temperature and CO2 concentration can be increased day by day or annually. Global warming also damages biosphere species diversity. 

The change in particular weather causes the death of species. That death can lead to dangerous conditions and cause the extinction of that species and ecosystem diversity can be reduced. The increase in the amount of co2 in the aquatic environment can disturb the brain’s physiology of fishes. Global warming can decrease the oxygen level in both environments.

The large-scale use of more vehicles can cause air pollution and an increase in the amount of carbon, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxide in the environment.  

The increase in acidity in oceans is due to global warming. The natural resources in oceans can be affected due to global warming. Landslides are due to global warming the melting of the ice cap and landmasses can not be depressed by more time and lead to landslides and volcanic activity can be increased.

Global warming is more in the United States having more industrial units. The burning of fossil fuels and the burning of coal power plants in an open environment can disturb the environmental balance.

Prevention of global warming

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA


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