Light is also a pollutant in recent era

One of the environmental pollutions is light pollution. It is the fastest growing and pervasive environmental pollution. From previous years research about light pollution is done and light pollution has its effect in the field of astronomy, human science, natural science, physics, and also in environmental science.

What is Light

Light is a visible spectrum which is the sense of sight for humans. The visible light is those which have wavelength 400-700 nm wavelength. Visible light is considered as those light which wavelength is between Ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

Two main sources of light are given blew.

  • Sunlight
  • Fire

Sun which provides light is the main source of light. The plant uses this light during photosynthesis during sugar formation. Which is the main source of energy? All living things use this for energy sources during their activities.

Fire is also the main source of light. With the development of electric light, the value of firelight becomes less. So, electrical light replaces the firelight. Some species of animals also generate their own light. Which include fireflies and vampire squids. Fireflies use light during mating for search or locate. While vampire squids use light to prevent form prey.

Hundred years ago the people look at night the sky. Bu now a day millions of people cannot see the milky way. It is due to the increase in the artificial night at night during night. This artificial light not only effects on human but also have a bad and diverse effect on the environment, our health also includes energy.

Light pollution

Because most of us know that water pollution, land pollution, and air pollution but here light pollution include. This light pollution also affects humans, wildlife, and the climate, and the environment. The component of light pollution is glare, skyglow, light trespass, and clutter include.

Glare is caused due to excess brightness and affect vision. And in inhibited area bright of the night sky caused due to sky glow. Where light is not needed when falling such a place causes light trespass. Excess grouping of light pass caused the light clusters.

World Atlas of artificial light according to 2016 more than 80% of people are an effect due to light pollution. 99% the population of the United States is affected due to this light pollution.

Light pollution is not a problem in the country. It is the problem of the whole world. The cities and also big countries cover with light during the night with artificial light. In the US  the light level is even greater than the sky brightness due to artificial light. The two-third population of the US has lost the ability to see the milky waves with naked eyes.

Causes of light pollution

Light pollution is the effect of outdoor artificial lightening which is unnecessary and inefficient. The main and biggest source of light pollution is street lighting. Street light has a great effect on light pollution.

Here no light is needed. Commercial lighting, decorated doors, road lightning also has a great effect on light pollution.

Reduction of duration, intensity, light spectrum, trespass, and prevention of those areas which are unlit. These are some management which reduces light pollution.

Sometimes map lights are also used.

Effect of light pollution

Light pollution has the following effects.

I) It affects both plants as well as animals. In which a human being is also included.

II) Light pollution shows medical implications and physiological evidence such as cancer, energy metabolism, eating behavior, immune system.

III) Light pollution also has a socioeconomic and physiological effect on human beings which sometimes may be serious.

IV) Indoor artificial lighting during night time also create a problem such as breast cancer.

V) Artificial light also disturbs circadian rhythms. (circadian rhythms; the activities which are performed by the animal during 24 hours cycle). So, artificial light disturbs the activities of day and night.

VI) Artificial light increases energy consumption which is a negative impact.          

VII) Artificial light can also disturb wildlife and as well as the ecosystem.

VIII) It has great effect on human health and gives harm to human health. And also affect clam and safety.

How we can get rid of light pollution

Light pollution is controlled by taking some measures which is a short measure by trying little work.

  • The light should be used when it needs.
  • Switch off the extra light during the night especially in our homes. And all around us.
  • Safety is done from light detectors and light sources because of its effect on human health and sometimes causes serious problems such as breast cancer include. 
  • Measures should be taken to control light pollution. For this purpose aware the people of the effect of light. And allow people to use minimum light.
  • Light pollution also affects on nervous system because it disturbs the circadian clock so preventive measures should be taken.

By using some of this method and measure we control light pollution easily. For this purpose short efforts is necessary. In this way, light pollution can be controlled.   [1] 101/Light Pollution .pdf [2] IS LIGHT POLLUTION (Italy).pdf [3] [4]lp_what_is.pdf (

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar (Ph.D.)
University of Sargodha, Sargodha

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