How biodegradation process help in supporting environment

What is biodegradation?

A process or a method in which the matters (organic in nature) are broken down by the help of the living organisms or also by the abiotic effects is known as biodegradation the common matter of the biodegradation is the organic matter etc. the plant and the animals or other substances and also related to the other living organisms. [1]Biodegradation – an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Explanation of Biodegradation

The common matter of biodegradation means the organic matter is broken down by the two processes


In this process, the organic matters are broken down by the consumption of oxygen

An Aerobically

In this method, the organic matters are broken down without using the oxygen

The product of the biodegradation is dissolved simply in the environment and these products do not damage the environment so on this behalf we can say that bacteria and fungus play a very important role in biodegradation


  • In 1961 it was the first known word in the biological text to explain the breakdown of the material into its basic parts of carbon-hydrogen and oxygen with bicarbonates
  • Now it is commonly related to products of environments that one capable of decomposition basic into the natural elements

Process of biodegradation

The process of biodegradation is described by the help of the types of biodegradation so biodegradation has three types which are as under


It is the type of biodegradation in which only the surface level degradation occurs so in this type the organic material is improved with the help of temperature, light, and chemicals in the environment.

Biodeterioration is also improved the chemically, physically, and mechanically qualities of the material so when the material is unprotected in the shallow exterior environment the abiotic factor affects the material and thus the material is feeble and the biodeterioration occurs the abiotic factors change the structure of the material


The bio-fragmentation is the type of biodegradation in some conditions bio-fragmentation is similar to biodegradation so in this process the substances or material breakdown with the help of the microorganisms in the presence of oxygen or also in the absence of the oxygen

Aerobic digestion

Aerobic digestion occurs more intensely because in aerobic digestion the oxygen consumption should take and in aerobic digestion the mass and the volume of the material are reduced and mostly created the natural gas.

Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion occurs slowly as compared to aerobic digestion in this the oxygen is not used so in this the material is broken down into basic substances like the carbon-nitrogen oxygen


The consequent products from fragmentation are then integrated into the microbial cell so-called assimilation stage

Biodegradable products

The biodegradable products are those which are degradable naturally with the help of the natural environment like

  • Temperature
  • Light

The products or the material also degrade with the help of the

  • Molds 
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria

Types of Biodegradable products

The biodegradable products are those which degrade easily and by the environment are saved from the hazards of the substances which are not degradable easily so the biodegradable products are as under

  • Biodegradable bags ( in this the bags and film occur that degrade very easily)
  • Resins (in this by the help of resins the bags and marketing items are service items are made that are degradable very easily
  • Organic wastes (in this the plants leaves grass are involved that are degraded naturally by the light temperature light or the other microorganisms like fungus molds bacteria


Bioremediation is the process in which we inject the microorganisms into the soil and these degraded the substances in the soil mostly the organic substances that produced the carbon dioxide so these are recovered the whole the process is observed in the mesoscale 


Plastic can also be a biodegradable product so, in the market, biodegradable plastic is introduced so biodegradable plastic is those which are degraded when disintegrating in dumps are shown in sunlight so by using this type of plastic.

The characteristics of degradable plastic

  • It has the ability to recycle
  • It has the capability to degrade by microorganisms or by sunlight It uses the least amount of gas and oil during the making process of degradable plastic


The process of biodegradation use widely to protect the environment from the waste substances and their hazards on the environment so we can also save the environment in other ways which are as under

  • Tell the people to use degradable products and also use these products in less quantity
  • The substances use scientifically to produce healthy products
  • Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle by these following steps the substances are scientifically broken and we should get useful products.

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Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA


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