Pesticide poisoning | Recend era big issue for humans

It is occurring due to the use of a thing to avoid the harmful pests that are harmful to organisms like man’s plants, and other animals. Here we discuss some types of this “pesticide poisoning”

In 1st type, it is very less time effective but this is more dangerous than any other type. Because many deaths can occur due to this type of “poisoning. “

In the 2nd type: it is more time effective and it is also a harmful effect on individuals. That put them at risk. Many workers in the workplace can be at risk because of this type.

The last 3rd type: is due to the food eaten by individuals that are exposed to some particles of poisoning. And also drinks that are mix with the poison.

In some poor countries for example Srilanka, the pesticide poisoning effect is more than in the developed countries.

 Causes of Pesticides Poisoning:

The most common causes of pesticide poisoning include accidental, suicidal poisoning, and also occupational and residential.

First Type of Poisoning:

 In this type of poisoning the people used for the purpose of commit suicide. That is mentally stressed or depressing. These people used the pesticide for self-injury. And ultimately to death.

Many deaths can occur due to the type of “poisoning”. Also, on another hand, this type puts the workers that work in industries at a high level of risk.

It also puts the agriculture workers at harmful risks of life. Because they used it in fields. So they are more effective from this. It occurs by the poison fumes that inhaled by someone accidentally.

Occupational Poisoning:

Pesticides in-store also put the works at risk. Different jobs in different industries of” pesticides” can cause different levels of risks…

This type of exposure is due to the direct contact of poison with the body parts like mouth, hand, skin, and other parts. Also when spraying the poison to the field during this time it can also a dangerous one.

Home Poisoning:

 In big countries like ‘Canada”, 96 % of people have their home lawns and gardens, so these people use pesticides to avoid any harmful activity of pests that destroyed their gardens or lawn.

At the same time, these people also put risks to their children because children play in these gardens or lawns so they are more at risks position.

The main sources are residue in the air, food plants, and animals.

Routes of Exposure of Pesticide Poisoning:

It can enter in man’s body in three different:

  • (Dermally)
  • In the mouth that’s called” orally”
  • In the lungs: when we exposed to air that mixed with fumes of pesticides.
  • The first one result immediately after contact with eyes or skin. And if it’s not treated it effects are more and more. And it can damage the whole body.
  • This type of exposure affects different parts of the body. Al last, it affects all parts of the body. Because its spread more fastly.

Orally Exposure of Pesticide Poisoning:

This type of exposure can cause a severe type of injury, illness, or even death in the case of the pesticides swallowed. The pesticides that cause injury can be ingested by accidents or by the purpose of suicide.

Also through the carelessness or intentionally. In the US the children of age 10 are ½ of the accidental pesticides death. The only way to avoid this ratio of death by managed the pesticides properly and according to the instruction that is given on pesticides bottles.

  • Here is some instruction to avoid these incidents:
  • Stored the pesticide always in those bottles, and containers which they have.
  • Do not nose used to smell any pesticides.
  • And most important thing is, never use tobacco or any type of smoking after leaving the work without washing your hands and mouth properly.
  • Wash your hands properly after using any kind of fertilizers or pesticides in fields.

If u follows all these instruction you can save yourself from poisoning.

Respiratory Exposure of Pesticides Poisoning:

Respiratory exposure is also a dangerous form of exposure to poisoning. Because it affects the lungs and damaged them. The absorption is more rapidly done and it reaches the lungs to the bloodstream.

if the pesticides fumes inhaled an insufficient amount then it’s damage to the nose, throat, lungs, and lungs tissues. From the airborne droplets, fumes, and inhalation the lungs can be exposed to poisoning through these ways. During the mixing of the dose of pesticides, it can also be spread to your body if the precursory measures not follow.

The exposure through respiratory tract is the most dangerous type of exposure. So always care about it when uses pesticides. Because pesticide poisoning can cause serious effects to the lungs and other parts of the human body.

The pesticides in the eye are also a dangerous form of exposure to poisoning. If the pesticides and the droplets of pesticides can accidentally enter in your eyes the immediately wash your eyes with clean running water to avoid any future problem.

One thing that should be in your mind that do not to use any chemicals or soap in water because it should increase the potential for injury. Also, it is important to set up an eyewash station near your workplace, So if you experienced any situation you have to wash your eyes. And always put a first aid kit in your workplace.

Pesticides Toxicity:

To measure the toxicity of pesticide poisoning there are many different ways. We use test animals like rats to determine the toxicity of any pesticide poisoning. To determine the toxicity of pesticides in humans is not easy becaus4e a human is not a test animal. so, use other animals.

if the pesticides are toxic to rat it not me it is also poisoned to other animals like dogs cows and also humans. Pesticides toxicity just provides the guidelines. It used to know that how one pesticide is poisonous as compared to the other pesticides.

Some pesticide is dangerous even taken in small amount while other pesticides are not enough poisons even repeated doses.

Two types of toxicity are described one is acute toxicity, another one is chronic toxicity.

 The acute toxicity has effects when exposed to the poison for the first time or from again exposure to poison.

On the other hand, the chronic toxicity of pesticides affects the long-term repeated lower level of exposure. In chronic toxicity, the effects may not appear immediately. Some e.g., of this type of toxicity, is followings below:

  • It may produce the carcinogenicity ability to produces cancer due to carcinogenic chemicals.
  • Also produces mutagen city ability: the ability to cause genetic changes.
  • Also produces the teratogenicity ability: the ability to effects the births of newborns.
  • Also produces the tumors: the ability of produces the tumor growth.
  • Also its damages the liver that causes the death of the liver cells.
  • It May be responsible for reproductive’s disorders: for example reduce sperm count, sterility, and miscarriages.
  • May affect the nerves.
  • Also, cause an allergenic sensation.
  • Due to damage of nerves, depression can also because.

Signs And Symptoms of pesticides poisoning:

There are many signs and symptoms that are related to pesticides poisoning.  Here we discuss some of them:

  • It causes the “fatigue’ ’also other like “  headache,’’
  • may vomiting
  • may “diarrhea”  also  pain in the stomach can occur
  • Unclear things appear through the eyes.
  • A lot of tearing in the eyes.
  • Also concentrated pupil.
  • Heart rate slow
  • Chest discomforts and feels tightness.
  • May twitching of muscle occur?

Prevention of Pesticides Poisoning:

To avoid poisoning we must be used preventative measures. Do not use pesticides near the fire and near the children’s playland.

  • Some instructions to prevent the poising are followings below
  • Pesticides must be stored in their main original containers. And locked cabins.
  • Read the instructions carefully, whenever used the pesticides that are given on pesticides bottles, containers
  • Most important thing is, the children and pets are kept away far from the area that is treated with pesticide poisoning.
  • Keep in mind that pesticides are toxic so always avoid them to mix in food or drinks.

 Treatments of Pesticides poisoning:

There are different treatments for pesticide poisoning. However, some basic techniques that are used to treat pesticide poisoning are skin decontamination: it is performed when the effects of the poison are more and the patient is in danger. 

  The patient immediately showed with water. And the eyes are also washed with clean water. The patient is incubated with oxygen.  In treatments, gastrointestinal decontamination, and seizure treatment includes.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar (Ph.D.)
University of Sargodha, Sargodha

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