Single-cell proteins will be game changer in conserving wildlife

Single-cell proteins may have an important role to play in conserving wildlife in the coming years.

What is single cell protein?

Single cell protein is a part of the subject of biotechnology where we read and understand how we can get proteins from single celled animals through process of genetic engendering. This is happening and there is a lot of research going on now a days. Just like if we’re getting insulin from bacteria, which is a product of recombinant DNA, that’s an example of a single-cell protein. This biological product is using for treatment of the diabetes

As the population of the world is increasing, the problems of food are also increasing, as now everyone needs to provide adequate amount of protein to their body, but the sources of protein are not so much as the population. A number of animal breeds have been developed to meet higher protein requirements, but still much work remains to be done. In this scenario single cell protein can be a hope.

What is wildlife

Wildlife is basically animals or plants that are not domesticated, they are living in the natural environment, they are eating from there, they are raising their species there, and they are living there. Wildlife is the source of the beauty of the natural environment and is very important to maintain the balance of the environment. If one of these factors in the ecosystem, is too little or too much, it becomes a precursor of problems and sometimes it can cause the damage of whole ecosystem. 

How is wildlife important?

Wildlife is important in many ways, First and most important thing is that wildlife is important for balancing of ecosystem. On the other hand, wildlife is beneficial in the sense that we are getting Medicines from it, fur from it, meat from it, in the same way, we are getting many things of our needs, even the fragrance is obtained from some wild animals, so keeping all these factors we can say wildlife is very important.[1]8981A.p65 (

What is wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation is basically a method of protecting wildlife, i.e., keeping them in a balanced numbers that the whole environment is balanced, and the beauty of the environment is maintained. If we disturb the wildlife, it will have an effect on the environment and the environment ultimately affects humans. so the simple thing is that in the intervention in balance of wildlife can cause severe damage of ecosystem.

Why wildlife is under threats?

There are many reasons why wildlife is being disturbed, but the main reason is over-hunting by humans, which means that humans are damaging wildlife through over-hunting, which reduces their numbers. Some times overhunting leads to extinction of species. The factor of natural calamities is also there, but humans are no less than the calamity for animals. The number of humans has increased a lot, due to which the needs of humans have also increased. So, they want to add essential amino acids to their body with can be found from plants (in small amount) or from animals. For said purpose human wants to fulfil protein limitation by killing wildlife that leads to extinction of wild animals. Regardless of the fact that different countries have passed many laws to protect wildlife, but still there are many things in front of us that we can say are wildlife is under threat and decreasing.[2]Threats to Wildlife | National Wildlife Federation ( 

How single-cell proteins (SCP) can help conserve wildlife

As mentioned above, single-cell proteins are proteins that we obtain from a single cell. On the other hand humans are seeking essential amino acids which are fundamentals of protein and is main reason to wildlife hunting. If we can develop the eatable single-cell protein then our needs can be met and humans do not have to hunt wild animals. And their numbers will remain the same, meaning if we develop single-cell proteins, then in a sense we will be supporting wildlife. Because SCP can be the good alternative source of protein.

Objections to Single-Cell Proteins are also there and many people around the world don’t think it’s good to eat protein that is derived from single cell. If we go ahead and look at it with balanced thinking, we see no other option is available, either we have to develop a technology and breeds, that provide us with a lot of meat.

It is already happening in the form of poultry farming, fish farming and many other types of farming are noteworthy but they take time to provide their protein. On the other hand, human protein needs are increasing daily and the number of humans is also very high, Now there will come a time, it seems that only humans will remain humans on this planet.

If this happens or seems to be happening, then how will humans meet their protein needs? The simple and easy answer would be this. They will move to a method that provides them with protein very quickly and easily to meet their needs, which means that the idea that we only need animal protein will be negated.

Option will be use protein obtained from single cell protein. Now the this is necessary that this protein should not cause any harm to anyone, if we make such proteins or make such amino acids that do not cause problems for anyone, do not cause health problems and also fulfill the needs. It can be a good source to meet the shortage of meat. If it can be provided easily and cheaply. Animals will be able to survive, which means we will see less hunting of animals in the forests.

The need is to work on advanced technologies to develop such types of SCP that favor to humans and not create any harm. [3]Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Single Cell Protein: A Potential Substitute in Human and Animal Nutrition ([4]Production of single cell protein from agro-waste using Rhodococcus opacus – PubMed (

Article reviewed by: 

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Tahir (Ph.D., Postdoc)

University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Post Doctorate:

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA


Govt. College University, Lahore, Pakistan