Mechanism of drugs detoxification    

The metabolic procedure through which the poisonous properties of a poisonous substance are removed is called Detoxification


It is a method that is used to remove or detoxify the poisonous substances from the body of the person in a correct manner. Many factors are involved in this process such as clinical judgment. 


Many types or many methods are used to removes toxins.

  • Alcohol removing toxin method
  • Drugs take away or detoxification
  • Metabolic withdrawal or detoxification
  • Other medicines

Alcohol detoxification

It is an important method in which we took the drinker back to normal conditions. Heavy Alcoholic consumption results in the down-regulation of GABA neurotransmitter receptors. If it is not done it may lead to serious and fatal problems.  Even long time consumptions of alcohol cause death because it damages the body thoroughly.

Drug detoxification

Many doctors use this method to reduce the effect of drugs.  Clinicians mostly apply to reduce or to remove the poison from heavy drugs which are mostly used by human beings.

Drugs are used against diseases or may be used as a relief. Drug detoxification does not mean handling habits. Mostly this method is applied in community programs that remain for several months.

This drug detoxification changes from patients to patient. Most of the drug-reducing poison centres give therapy to keep away from the symptoms of physical removal from any kind of alcohol and other drugs.

Metabolic detoxification

Animals are also used to produce substances that are used to reduce or remove the toxic effect of drugs. By using the oxidation and reduction reactions highly toxic effect can be minimized.  Enzymes that are used in detoxification are the following. Such as cytochrome P450 oxidases.

Alternative medicine

All of these methods which are used above are time-consuming and very hard working methods. By using these methods toxins can be removed properly all these take care so much.

Many other methods are also used to remove the toxic effects of drugs. Such as herbal, electrical, or electromagnetic treatments. These toxins are not defined. These have no scientific basis.

The evidence can be seen when toxic accumulation occurs then body organs such as the liver and kidneys automatically detoxify this toxin and removes all poisons’ material.

Examples of detoxification

Detoxification of nicotine

The nicotine effect can be detoxifying by using the following process. In this case, most of the patients are dry drug users.  The basic nicotine removal methods are clonidine can be taken as second-line therapy. Mecamylamine all are used to detoxify the drugs

Nicotine proxy method bind to nicotine acetyl cholinergic parts which receipt in a central motorial system in a part minor way.  The order for removal of toxin treatment began 15 days before illness, as it has been explained that toxin can be reduced in an early period is more successful.

NRT should be done for at least 2 months, or according to satiations. It is estimated that the effect of nicotine can be removed in a short time by using special methods.

Detoxification of benzodiazepine

A high amount of diazepam is dangerous for any person. For example, 30 mg or more of diazepam is dangerous for a person or any animal. Benzodiazepine dependence is normally used in non-compulsory consideration,

So that it may be show relatedness by other medication treatment. It indicates that the customer of both methadone and highly toxic benzodiazepines both have to try to check this experience to use the benzodiazepines for detoxification of this.

Most customers have been seen to use this more than any other drug toxifying agent. It is the biggest source of income not only for reliance. The detoxification of drugs is beneficial in one week. It’s not good to say in one week dose is successful.

For the reduction of the poison of benzodiazepines, many methods are used. It depends on the condition of the ill person. According to patient immunity level, these methods are used. Here some methods are mentioned.

It is needed that every institute must have good therapies and a good relationship between the general practitioner and the sick person.

It is needed to cure the patient honestly and by taking care. Any clinically notable concern and misery with proper both pharmacological and another method non-pharmacological way.

This is the decreases the level of tension and depression but the ill person keeps on obtaining his/her worth benzodiazepine part. There are many small points to what may be skilled at times in the presence of light. In this way, it shows the sign of the detoxification of the drug.

It is needed to prepare a chart of a dose of diazepam. This must be equal to their daily routine and maintain it 1 week. After this dose must reduce day by day. It can be reduced by 10–15% by weekly base

Detoxification from alcohol:

Alcohol is a very fatal substance. It is identified that a small amount of alcohol can cause the death of a drinker or even another victim. Because it damages the organs of the body very effetely and quickly

For the detoxification of alcohol following methods are used. Removal of toxins from liquid alcohol may not need pharmacological intervention if solemnity of dependence and removal indication does not need it.  During this process, it is necessary to keep thiamine improvement away from the disorder. Those who depend upon liquor will in general have a decreased level of thiamine in their food habits. The presence of ethanol can disturb thiamine accumulation and use.

All medicines have no same use or the same effect Different drugs have different jobs such as naltrexone and nalmefene, another medicines baclofen, inserted reality these are gradually fixed to backslide abhorrence. Another type of treatment is also applied for the detoxification of alcohol or liquor.

Ann amazing (PAN), which is more different from other treatments, it is differentiated by a Cochrane view for warm to nonstop alcohol removal. It is a perfect method of detoxification. It is a quick and time-saving method.

Cannabis intoxication is recognized in DSM-IV and ICD-10, with these both brain and conduct. Due to this toxin body may become disabled in such conditions. Brain may rapture in case of high concentration.

Due to the high amount many disorders can occur. By this memory may lose. These eyes may also show weakness. Many physical disabilities may occur. Many body parts are badly affected by hard toxins.

Benefits of drug detoxification:

The main aim of drug removal is to finish poisonous chemicals that have been stored in the body through the excess uses of drugs for a long time. There are a lot of benefits to start the process of drug detoxification.

The most common and show is to have a clean and fresh brain and body.  It means that by this method all types of toxic and dangerous material can be removed from the body. And body may become neat and clean by this action. Many Other benefits are also occurring such as behavior changes occur.

The nervous system is an important part of the body that coordinates all body parts and controls them. The nervous system is very critical. On the nervous system, the harmful effect of mercury takes place in different ways such as irritability excitability, and parasthesia in low-level exposure and high-level exposure causes highly muscle spam and even

By removing this dangerous toxin those people who hate people starts to love, it’s mean their mind becomes soft for other people. They treat people in a good manner. The use of drugs destroys relationships with others such as friends, relatives, and family even. So it is very beneficial for family problems.

The person who uses drugs mostly leaves all kinds of good activities such as always miss school and do not work properly.

Always become sick and his or her body becomes so badly. The physical and brain diseases of drug use are debilitating. By this removal, it says to recover and inhibit all sick feelings which are present in a man who uses drugs regularly. It is the best road or way to finish the permanent cycle of searching for many drugs.

In another way, we can say that it is the right path to take normal life back from the hardship and pain full life. Which is a great achievement for drug users? Many lives go wasted by a long time uses of drugs so in this way we can save many lives and we save many families from destroying in a bad manner.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Adnan Asghar (Ph.D.)
Chinese Academy of Sciences Fuzhou, Fujian

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