Marine pollution | The main type of sea pollution

Any polluted substance in water that disturbs aquatic life especially marine called marine pollution.  It has a diverse effect on aquatic life and disturbs them. In this way, aquatic life disturbs. And cannot survive.

How marine pollution harmful

It is a threat to any organism living or depending upon the pond’s human effect on the coastal and open pond. Habitat comes in many shapes.

Nutrients loading from agricultural runoff and sewage discharge, poison chemical throne from industry and agriculture. Petroleum spills and inert solid material while there has been some identity of the destroying of the marine system.

From pollution, regulation is often weak or not enforced. The latest efforts have to leave to the slow recovery of some coastal areas but a large detrimental practice continues.

Nutrients loading may be the best study form of pollution and its biological effects have been observed and documented. Algal blooms including red tides have been attributed to involved nutrients levels in the coastal system. These blooms through their decomposition and respiration can deplete the step of dissolved oxygen.

In the water to almost zero killing fish, zooplankton, shellfish. These nutrients come from a run of off fertilizers agricultural use of which increased sevenfold before 1950. It is approximated  25% of the 46.8 million metric tons of fertilizer are used in the united state. Annual involve river and coastal water.

Another source of the nutrient is the discharge of waste. England and the united state are only the countries that cover that sludge into the ponds, an average of seventeen million metric tons yearly. Whole the world, however, raw waste is releasing into the river and aquatic habitats by many countries leading to algal blooms increasing BOD( biological oxygen demand).

The rate at which oxygen disappears forms the type of water, increasing dramatically with the leading of organic material such as waste. It is the result of the lowering of the dissolved oxygen level.

Marine pollution affects biodiversity present in aquatic life hence in this way destroys the life present in marine. The oil tanker is the main source of marine pollution. Accidently oil tanker effect on marine pollution. This oil destroys the life present in marine.

Especially the effect on fishes which is present in marine. The sewage of industries when reaching in the oceans its effects on life present in marine.

It is the latest news Kuwait, Iraq, and earlier Iraq, Iran fights better deal of oil was allowed to flowing into the seawater. Leading to marine pollution and death of sea and habitat life on account of oil ships. Marine pollution effect on human being also. When humans use this water it causes disease in humans and harms human life.

The fish affected by marine pollution is also a source of disease in humans. When people use this fish in a meal. This affected fish cause disease humans and also disturb the nervous system.

Harbor and chesa peake bay and the humanitarian sea are a famous example of marine pollution. However, this problem is increasing day by day. Many areas of South Asia especially coastal areas in Japan and the water of these areas are affected by this.

Causes of marine pollution

There are the following causes of marine pollution which are given blew.

  • Garbage is the main source of marine pollution. This garbage when putting in water like ocean and marine this destroys life there.
  • Microplastic and polystyrene are also major causes of marine pollution when mixed with marine water. These substances are used as food for fishes, turtle and mammals so cause huge destruction.
  • Similarly, this chemical substance also affected sea birds. Hundred of birds killed annually by oil which causes marine pollution. Injection of fish and mammals, birds also are the causes of marine pollution.
  • Waste material of industries is also a mains source of marine pollution. Industries like mainly leather industries play a vital role in marine pollution and affect marine life.
  • Drugs and medicine are also major causes of marine pollution. When the material is put in the marine it destroys biodiversity present in marine life.
  • In agriculture used sprays are also causes of marine pollution. When the spray bottle used in the spray is put in the river, pond, lakes it disturb aquatic life.
  • PCB, DDT which affects the immune system of Indus dolphins.

Control of marine pollution

The following measure should be taken to control marine pollution.

  • Industries’ waste should be prohibited to control marine pollution.
  • Oil tanker which is the main source of marine pollution the preventive measures should be taken to control this condition.
  • Lather industries are the main source of marine pollution. Action should be taken to control the waster products of these industries.
  • The use of sprays should be prohibited to control marine pollution.
  • Less PCB  and DDT should be used.
  • Avoid should be taken to control marine pollution.
  • The seminar should be held in schools and colleges to give preventive measures to control marine pollution.
  • Polices should be taken internationally to control marine pollution. For this purpose, different policies should be taken.
  • Garbage should be prevented to put into water storage like ponds and oceans etc.
  • Fine and punishment are given to the industries and an authority that causes marine pollution.
  • Protection of marine pollution is necessary for any loss which is due to marine pollution.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar (Ph.D.)
University of Sargodha, Sargodha

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