How kite strings are major threat to birds and wildlife survival

Kite strings pose a major threat to wildlife survival

Wildlife is important for maintaining the beauty of the earth as well as the ecosystem.
If this balance is disturbed, it will affect human beings.

If we talk about wildlife, it is generally thought that animals or plants that live in the forest are called wildlife, but this is not a complete definition.

Any animal that has not been domesticated by humans in their homes is wildlife.
Yes, it is a different matter that many animals have left the special forest and settled with humans.

Why do animals live with humans

They have done this for their own survival that human beings have everything an animal needs.
Such as food, shelter, and above all safety.

We will find a lot of birds that are living with humans, like many species of birds, doves, pigeons, etc. These are animals that we did not domesticate on our own, but they are living with us.

All the rats, cats, and earthworms, insects are living with us and taking full advantage of this habitat.
While animals have many advantages over humans, as mentioned above, there are also many disadvantages to how humans are affecting the lives of animals. In some cases, the severity is such that the survival of the animal may be endangered.
One of the biggest dangers is the kite string.

How kite strings are harming wildlife

Kite flying is practiced in almost all the countries of the world but in Asian countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc. Kite flying is considered a good hobby and is a very big and important part of the Spring Festival.

People fly different kinds of kites in the air and double the enjoyment of the spring season.
A variety of strings are used for kite flying, ranging from ordinary thread to thin plastic or iron cords.

Even this is good and beautiful, but its very bad effects are being read on human beings as well as the environment.

To fly a kite, the cord is cutting the necks of human beings because as soon as the kite is cut or broken, there is a string with it, which has led to cases of people’s death.

But when we talk about wildlife, this cord is also doing a lot of damage to wildlife.

Cut kites come and fall on the trees and bring strings with them. And we all know that trees are the habitat of birds. It gets entangled and causes the death of these birds.

You can go to any park or any place where there are many trees and in addition to the leaves on these trees, you will see dead birds hanging. And when you think about it, you’ll find more. [1]A sky full of kites becomes a death trap for birds (

How to keep save wildlife from kite string

If we want to keep wildlife alive, we must take steps to keep these animals alive.
As far as the kite string is concerned, it should be completely banished.

The government of Pakistan, India and other governments of the subcontinent has been very strict on this but it is not enough.

This requires strict legislation to penalize and fine those who fly kites for a short time and endanger humans as well as animals.

Similarly, people dealing in the kite business should be dealt with severely.

There should be policies at government level for stoppage of kite strings.
Because if birds and other animals have come toward humans, then their protection is also our duty.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate
American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA