Raise hand against animal testing, analyzing, experimentation in laboratory

Before the medicines are used for humans these are checked on animals to know that either these are effective and well run for humans or not.

This checking of animals have always been a debatable issue because during the checking process the animals are wounded and they have to tolerate a lot of pain. Sometimes the animals are passes away due to this pain and injury. That’s why people think that this checking of animals  is not an efficient method for experiments etc. and it has to stop and try to find another ways.

Contesting animal experimentation

Practicing animals in laboratories to check medicines and other things is big issue. The condition had become very critical more than sixty percent animals are dying due to these experimental checking. Everyone have his own emotions some people don’t bear such kind of act on animals as they are also the creatures of God but on the other hand some other people put them in laboratories for different experimentation processes.

But peoples are now thinking that if animals were used in this way they will become extinct. The Beautifying companies are also using animals in testing different products. Although humans are getting many advantages through this testing of animals but they suffer with pain, wounds and many other complications so we have to stop experimentation of animals to protect our animals.

The rights of the animals are disobeyed due to their usage in the laboratories. As we are humans and we can’t bear that anyone violate our rights in the same way animals also have their own rights and no one has right to disobey them.

Although they cannot speak but they have also their feelings so we should have to treat them in a good way. When the animals are used in different laboratorial processes they are not treated in good way due to which they suffer with pain, long lasting impairment or passed away.

When the animals are used in research they are not asked either they are agree for this r not and are not provided with the option. It is not important that how much people are gaining profit from this process because animals are in not in right condition due to this process.

The animals used in researches are not ready for themselves to be used in such types of researches. So we have to make right decisions for them as we try our best to make the best decisions for ourselves because they cannot speak for themselves. They cannot make solutions for themselves so it’s our duty to consider them. But we are not allowed to make such kind of decisions in which they suffer such type of pain. The process of using animals in laboratories is absolutely against the rights of animals so testing of animals should be stopped.

Such a benefit is not a benefit in which a living is hurt. Animals also feel pain as human do and many of their things are similar with us for example: they also have pain receptors. If we will not stop the usage of animals in such way we will soon lost them and there is no any substitute of them.

But on the other hand there are some companies that are not using the animals to test their products and they are using alternative methods.  It is suggested that products should be made from natural factors instead of experimenting on animals because natural ingredients are not harmful and they do not need testing and the products that are made from the natural elements are used for a long time period.

There are some special and important tests through which false skin has made to test different products rather using different animals. Different machines are also used to test the toxicity of products by using modern techniques. All these methods adopted as a substitute to animal trialing have been proven very helpful and successful. It means that many other methods are available to test the products other than animal testing and all these are effective at the same time.

Animals experience pain and passed away in animal experimentation

Thousands of animals die due to animal trailing every year. Animals are tested while making the products for cosmetic industries and clinical units. In the same way animals are also tested by students while performing their biological experiments. For the protection of animal population modern techniques have been discovered in which the tests or experiments can be performed without using animals. We have to think that the products considered as non toxic after performing their experiments on animals can be harmful for humans because of some differences between animals and humans.

Health organizations provide money for animal experimentation

As we know that animals are used in different experiments. Many agencies are in favor of using animals in experiments in which they are treated very hurtfully. Many such type of agencies flitter away valuable dollars on animal experimentations at laboratories and educational institutions. And they are not supporting the non animal testing.

Organizations that are against animal testing

There are many organizations that are all over the world that are in opposition of animal testing. These companies are educating many other companies and institutions that they should not have to use the animals in such cruel testing and dissections.

PETA (people for the Ethical Treatment of animals)

It is a group that is based on the benefit and protection of the animals. It has members in a great number that work for the welfare of animals. It is one of the biggest companies in the world working for this purpose. It was started in 1980s and is considered as Aid Agency. Although it has its main office in United States but there are sub offices in many other countries.

This is very efficient company, it praises when the people keep animals as pets but it protests when the animals are killed for obtaining instruments from their bones and to test different experiments. People also kill animals for obtaining their skin which is further used in different factories for making clothes etc.

Union of British eradicating operation or testing

This organization is present in London and is working against the testing of animals. It has sets the goals to eradicate the animal experimentations. The members of company are involved in the survey of laboratories where the animals are used for testing. It is also educating the other small companies to work for the stoppage of testing of animals. This organization is an effective follower of substituent methods in animal experimentation.

Finish Huntingdon animal unkindness

This organization is strongly concentrated on animal experimentation at the laboratories of Huntingdon. There is another organization which is involved in the animal testing and it kills a great range of animals every year. It is experimenting animals to test different products which are further used in insecticides, face paints and different medicines. It is accepted that this organization has build only a few years ago but is working very efficiently for the rights of animals. This organization has disbanded many other companies that were violating animal rights.

Different ways to assist animals facing experimentation

It is not a just that animals should be used in making and testing different products that are only beneficial to the human beings. Students have not right to use animals in their experiments and in the same way they should not be used in laboratories for testing. And the instructors should not have to buy the animals for teaching different subjects to biology students.

Purchase unkindness fee things

Always do the shopping of violate-free products. If you are not certain about your best love or ideal things you bought then search the data processing of the organizations that are against the animal experimentation. A number of such methods have been formed  that are not using animals for experimentation of products so there is no any lame excuse for using animals in research. So we had to try our best to buy such things that are nit harmful for other livings and are not made by testing the animals.

Inform others

If you are aware of all this activity of using animals in experimentation then it’s your duty to teach others who are not aware of this. Do not leave others in unawareness. As you have information it’s your duty to pass this information to others who are unaware. Renovate your information and truths so that you can easily support your views about animal experimentation.

Take stand on animal experiments in labs of educational institutions

As you know that the animals are such as frogs are used in dissection experiments in labs of educational institutions. When you see these types of animal cuttings try to stop them and say No! The life of animals is also very important as of human is.

Giving Contribution

There are many non-profit organizations that ask for the funding. They used to say that they are working for the rights of animals. But in fact they are not working for this. If you are bestowed with enough money to give to these organizations then you should have to make sure that your money is given in the right place. You have made your donation to such companies that are working on stopping animal experimentation.


The questions about animal ethics are lifted by organizations and many other people when the animals are used in such animal experimentations. We all know that this is wrong ethically so it is not right to be quiet on this activity. We all had to make our contribution to stop animal trailing.

Why to stop animal Experimentation

Great ratio of animals is used in animal experimentation. In the laboratories the animals are dissected, given current and are killed. If all these processes will occur outside the laboratories everyone will try to stop but in laboratories they are treated in such a bad manner and we all are unaware of it that they are suffering from great pain.

It is Amoral

It is absolutely amoral to put the animals in large cages and later giving them pains of great level without their permission. Although they cannot speak but it does not means that they have no feelings.

It is worst Discipline

A great ratio of animals is killed by these experimentations every year. We are losing our precious animals by this methodology. And there are no substitutes of them. Once they extinct they will not re gain.

It is uneconomical or lavish

When the animals are used in different laboratories for conducting tests valuable resources are wasted, the testing also need a lot of time and funds. And in this way we are losing many ither valuables along with animals.

It is obsolete or out of date

Scientists have discovered new methods which are non animal. In these methods the major one is testing by using test tube and many others. And it is observed that these non animal methods are more precise and quick.

It is non-essential

It is not always necessary that animals should be used in the science labs of institutions to perform experiments. We should have to adopt such ways for experiments that do not need to use animals.

Substitutes of animal testing

Many methods have been made that can be used in place of animal experimentation.

Test tube Experimentation

In this method the cells are grown in different test tubes which are provided with the proper medium to grow. And the products are then used in experimentation alternative to experiments on animals. The cells formed are used to test different products.

Computer replicas

The research workers have now adopted modern methods they have formed new computers that are used to study different biological processes. And can also be used to determine the toxicity of drugs. [1]SciELO – Brazil – Animal experimentation: A look into ethics, welfare and alternative methods Animal experimentation: A look into ethics, welfare and alternative methods[2]Chapter 7 Contesting Animal Experiments through Ethics and Epistemology: In Defense of a Political Critique of Animal Experimentation in: Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change … Continue reading

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