Herbicide contamination | Herbicides beneficial but harmful too

Herbicide contamination

The herbicide is chemical products use to stop undesirable plants such as weed killers. It is very beneficial to remove the herbs but their harmful impacts are also there. when these herbicides cause harm to other beneficial crops called herbicide contamination.

There are two types of an herbicide like selective herbicide and nonselective herbicide.

Selective herbicide

Selective herbicide stops specific weed species while going away from the desired crop comparatively uninjured.

Non Selective Herbicide

Nonselective herbicide used to clean the railways a railways waste ground, industrial and construction sites as they kill all plant material in which they strong association.

Contamination of herbicide

Herbicide spray also affects the neighboring fields or plants usually in windy conditions. Some plants and fires not required herbicide. Spray but much time error occurs and that plants and fields as-sprayed mistakenly.

Healthy and environmental effects

The herbicide is toxic as well as severs toxic in the condition of ingestion of some amount rapidly. Chronic toxicity producing from the environment and vocational revelation over a long duration.

Much public impression of herbicide whirl around supervision between well-grounded statements of severe toxicity such as incompatible to equally wall grounded statements of lack of chronic toxicity at the suggest paint of wage.

For example, the formation of glyphosate with talloamine adjutants are severely toxic its mare use is dangerous for health because it produces. The health problem like cancer.

According to the massive US deportment of healthy study used that former families are more affected. This herbicide produces health problems.

That fluctuates from skin rakes to death herbicide attack when they are coming into direct contact with people and wildlife, respiration of oriel stray or taken with food herbicide can contaminate the groundwater through leaching process, usually the herbicide transported through storm events and socials that have law capacity to absorb or retain the herbicide.

Characteristics of herbicide that increase the chance of transport contains determination and high water salability, research suggest that phenoxy herbicide is contaminated with dioxins like TCDD this herbicide can cause cancer.

When a person faces this herbicide triazine has been evolved in causing breast cancer. Herbicide makes should maintain the safety of their product. Monsanto company of manufacture agrees to change its brad west by the pressure from new York attorney general demise vacco spray-on glyphosate-based on maintaining the sound up that is safer than table salt and nontoxic to triads, mammals, and fish.

Roundup is dangerous and causes death by interested the small quantity from 85-2ml the herbicide and pesticide increase the danger of Pakistan’s disease. Parquet herbicide is responsible for causing that disease.

All the organic and inorganic herbicide should be extensively tested to approval for sell and labeling from the environmental protection agency use of more herbicide effect the importance of health. Furthermore, the health effect due to the herbicide contains another chemical such as immature ingredients it has a negative impact on human health.

Ecological effects

An herbicide that is commercially important usually has a negative effect on biodiversity, especially the number of birds as their effects are highly varying and they require field studies to estimate correctly.

Most of the effects are not caused due to the toxicity, they are caused by the habitat changes and the decreases in the number of species on which bird depend for food and shelter.

The herbicide which is low toxic for birds their herbicide decreases the production of any kind of vegetation on which birds depend.

Seed eating bird species killed by the herbicide used in the agriculture department of Britain depend on the weeds more use of herbicide in neo-tropical areas danger the agriculture land by the use of herbicide fog population also decreased atrazine it is also called teratogen it causes the demescularization in the male frog. Us protection agency.

Scientific uncertainty of full the extent of herbicide effect 

The scientific community disagrees on the risk that the health and the environmental impact of many herbicides are unknown.

According to scientists, phenoxy herbicide causes the risk of many afferent types of cancer from there herbicide it also causes the danger of tissue sarcoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma however it is suggested that herbicide causes sex reversal in a different organism that faces temperature-dependent sex determination. 

Some classes of herbicide

  • Triazine herbicides. Alrazooe , siorazine , cyanazine
  • Ergonoehierine patricides DDT, DDE, chlordane, detacher, Rieldrin methoxane. 
  • Organophosphate pesticides: diazim chlorphyritor

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

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