Floods | The destructive natural force causing damage

A large amount of water in the areas in which it disturbs the natural habitat of living things and destroys all the natural processes greatly is known as floods.

Types of floods

1) Rivers floods.

The floods which occur due to the overflows of water from the surface of the river because of the melting of ice caps, glaciers, rains and due to the thunders which make the lands to much poor.

2) Coastal floods

The floods come in the coastal areas due to the high winds which bellow from the lower level of oceans and rains fall.

3) Islands floods

The floods which come due to the high rainfall or overflow of rivers water to the inland areas and the water evaporated continuously for the several days which cause islands floods.

4) Flash floods

When high rains fall for a few hours usually in urban areas and in villages which cause floods are the flash floods.


  • Floods destroy the habitat of living things and also cause the landscape of local areas.
  • Floods cause pollution and extra nutrients are added.
  • Sediments of the soil are disturbed and sometimes remove from their place and the bank of rivers are destroyed.
  • The floods change the environmental conditions of animals.

Effect of floods on the environment

  • The habitat of wildlife are totally disturbed and also lost.
  • Floods cause the erosion of soils.
  • The abundance loss of the wildlife of the aquatic animals as well as land animals.
  • Too many species of animals habitat is damage.
  • The communities of plants are also destroyed.

The political effect 

  • The problems are caused economically because of floods.
  • The conditions of living organisms are totally disturbed.
  • The things usually used are to be too much coastally due to floods.

Social effects 

  • The service can not provide an emergency.
  • The transport system is disturbed.
  • Many humans and other animals lose their shelters and live in temporary places.
  • Pure drinking water is mixed with the floods water
  • The floods cause many diseases; mostly malaria due to the stagnant water of floods cholera and malnutrition are also caused by floods.
  • Shortage of food is also caused by floods among the peoples.
  • 7 million people are become homeless because of floods.

Economic damage

  • Due to floods, up to 60% of our industries are decreased because of disturbance.
  • The economy is low due to a lot of damages to buildings because of floods.
  • The investments in the business are totally lost because of floods.
  • A lot of loss of jobs because of floods.
  • Daily use things are to be costly because of no work due to floods.
  • The properties of peoples are also lost due to floods.

Advantages due to floods

  • The river’s water overflows or destroys the banks of the rivers this water goes through the way to forest areas and carry many kinds of seeds of different species of plants with it and spread them to the new place of the land which results in a large number of many new forests grow on the place where the soil is not in use.
  • The floods carry valuable clay to the agricultural lands and then it helps in the increasing fertility of the lands which gives a large number of crop products.
  • Flood water helps in ecosystem preservation.
  • A large amount of floods waters are absorbed by the soil and restored under the earth these stored waters are used by the plants when sufficient water is not available for the plant’s growths.
  • When the floods come continually they result in the development of the new rivers.
  • The floods water as covered the large areas and moves continuously so it carries many natural minerals and sediments and valuable soil which is very helpful for the fertility of the soil and helping to use less artificial fertilizer in the agricultural process.


  • Floods destroy the industries because of it many people become employed due to damage to industries.
  • Many peoples lost their lives because of floods.
  • A lot of destroy the forests vegetables and crops.
  • Economic loss.

Floods federal commission

  • The federal commission of floods give more details about floods damage on public sectors and makes plains for the rebuilds and reconstructs of damage .natural plans should be prepared for the protection from the floods.

Measurements for the prevention of floods

  • It should be a must to build the embankments, dams, and reservoirs for the storage of extra water which causes floods.
  • To improve the drainage systems so that floods water not collect on a place and cause damage.
  • It should be must to give valuable instructions on the t.v in the news and newspaper that how the people where floods spread to save their lives.
  • It is best that do not build the industries, houses, forms and hotels near to the flooded area means near to the rivers.
  • It is better that as it is the modern age so we should improve communication and makes special instruments which give us proper information about floods.
  • Many birds and insects have a natural ability or sense that when any disaster of nature like floods or earthquakes come so they left the place on which they will not safe because of dangers .so if we train them as when floods or other disaster come they give us information so that we should take immediate measurements to save lives of peoples by transferring them to a safe place.
  • Computer-based systems of warnings about the early information of floods.
  • Special instructions about the floods to the village people.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

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