Harmful effects of industries on environment

The meaning of the word environment is different from person to person. It contains the air, water, plants, and animals, but also contains natural and tweak characteristics which include the totally of our environmental condition.

Thus systems of moving something from one place to another, industries place uses features, the structure of the community, and business backbone.

These all have one common thing with the level of CO, solids come to an end in water and natural places greenery they all are the good features of the environment. In the next meaning, our environment is the mixture of both social as well as economic features and biophysical environments.

The decline in the natural environment of man, water level, air and higher levels of noise pollution, especially in urban areas and all the waste products are thrown into the vast areas of the world was marked after the 3rd part of 20th centuries.

The practical application of science to industry and the waste of industries can make the place, the ocean, and the surroundings sick. There are many dark impacts on land by having many industries as pollution is the biggest problem to the world.

Industrial pollution: 

This kind of pollution is directly linked with industries. This type of pollution is producing many problems for the world. WHO judges the pollution of air, they noted that this pollution is causing many problems to the health of humans.

About 2% of cardiac and lung diseases, about 5% of cancers of lungs, and about 1% of all respiratory infections are caused by this pollution. With the increase in the number of industries, humans are going to be more advanced near the 21 century.

Due to the rapid increase in technology, science is becoming more advanced and further manufacturing of things is seen. With the advancement, there is a bad impact to the world which is pollution. In old-time, industries were in few numbers and were very small and the smoke was the main source of pollutant.

 In the past, smoke is produced as a source of pollutants from the factories. But there were few factories only and work was done in just a few time.  Hence pollution grows rapidly.

 But now in the present stage, the number of factories increases, and these factories are working on a large scale. So the increase in the number of these units the pollution is rising.

The type of pollution which is directly linked with the industries is known as the pollution of the industries. The only way which is producing pollution to the environment is from the industries and factories.

 But several agencies are now trying to overcome the pollution from the environment by taking some steps. Because the pollution is disturbing many of the water sources.

 Smoke which is released from the manufacturing of things in industries causes the production of a high amount of toxins into the air. And when this air is getting into the body of the animals, it causes several diseases.

 So the soil quality is going too bad due to the pollution all over the earth. This pollution causes many changes to the environment from which flood, drought is the common reasons. So the degradation process is also affected.


Due to the lack of the planned action:

Due to taking poor steps to overcome the pollution, many of the industries are broken all the rules and throw all of their wastes into the oceans and are creating many problems to the aquatic environment.

Unplanned industrial growth:

Due to the poor management of the industries, there are many of the industries are present in the same line and are not taking care of pollution which they spread into the water, into the air. So the human health is affected by environmental pollution.

Uses of outdated technologies:

A great number of the industries are still dependent upon the old technologies and are manufacturing things by following the old methods. A number of the factories are avoiding high of the expenditures to produce the things and are depend just onto the old methods.

Due to the presence of small scale industries:

Numbers of factories are present which are very small and are dependent on the grant of the government for running their process of manufacturing the things. These small industries with poor management are causing the biggest role in producing environmental pollution.

Inefficient waste disposal: 

Due to the waste material which is thrown into the ocean and other aquatic sources, aquatic life also disturbs, and when this polluted water is drink, then it causes many chronic diseases and the end is death to the living organisms.

Effects of industrial pollution on the environment:

Water pollution:

Many industries require a large amount of water for their work. Then after usage, this wasted water removes into the oceanic levels and causes pollution into the water.

This polluted water contains a large number of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, chromium, etc. These metals then transfer into the liver of many fishes through gills.

 And when this effected fish is eaten by many aquatic organisms and humans, then these heavy metals are transferred into their body and causes many lethal diseases.

This polluted water is then used by farmers for supplying dry land with water using ditches which disturbs the crops from producing a good yield.

This water also reaches into the underground water level and causes many problems for the aquatic and the wildlife organisms by drinking the same polluted water. This water should be recycled for the best usage in different industries.

Soil pollution:

This type of pollution is producing many problems to the vegetation and the agriculture process. It causes many chronic diseases to human health.

 The waste material which is thrown into the ocean also affects soil activity. The toxic chemicals destroy the fertility of the soil and produce the affected fruits and vegetables.

Air pollution:

The smoke which is released from the factories and the industries when mixing into the air then causes many of the diseases when it is inhaled. It causes many chronic diseases such as heart attacks, lung cancer, and many other respiratory diseases.

When this air is mixed with water drops into the air, then it falls on the earth in the form of acid rain. Acid rain can cause the stone cancer of many historical buildings.

This acid rain is not good for soil activity. And produces many of the toxins into the plants during absorption of water.

Global warming:

The biggest problem to the world is global warming and it is due to humans activities.  Because many of the environmental emissions are only the results of humans.

This kind of emissions contains a large amount of CO2, which the main product forming through the burning of fuels, volcanoes eruptions, deforestation, and methane is produced from the conversion of organic matter into inorganic matter by the process of bacteria’s.

The greater amount of released CFCs also is the main cause of global warming.  A larger amount of greenhouse gases and smoke that are realized from the factories into the air are also the main causes of global warming. Global warming may cause the:

  • Increase in the oceanic level
  • Due to the rise in temperature
  • Due to the extinction risk of the animals
  • Due to the increase in natural disasters
  • Due to glaciers melting

Advantages and disadvantages of industrialization:

Due to the development of modern science and technologies, there is a widespread of factories.  Due to good products that are obtained from the Working of the industries, human progress is also going to increase.

But unluckily, we are not well aware of the disadvantages of these industries. Green-house effects and ecological imbalances are now the main threat to human health and other organisms on the earth.

The man also learns about the advantages and disadvantages of industrialization. They are following as:


The main advantages are:

  • The increase in numbers of the industries is producing much of the valuable things that are available globally at such of the few prices.
  • This is Time-saving and contains less labor.
  • People are dependent upon the industrial product for their survival.
  • There should be a great check and balance during the working process.
  • Factories provide the people a big source of jobs and are helping in the removal of poverty.
  • Due to the industries, the import and export system is working in its best way.


  • Due to the increase in the industries, there is also an increase in the pollution of land, air, and water.
  • Due to the import and export of the products, the transport system is creating many problems for the environment by increasing air pollution. And the main source of air pollution is releasing of smoke from chimneys, vehicles, and other automobiles.
  • The dirty and unhealthy conditions in the factories and their surroundings are causing a big source of damages to human health.
  • In factories, a great number of small children are working. So the country has many uneducated people.

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