Blood detoxification | Cleanse and purify the blood naturally

Purification (Detoxification) occurs in our liver. However it’s a complex procedure, your liver originally does this in two parts. 1st, it transfers unsafe matter to the most sensitive (reactive) metabolites and then removes these toxins. Your kidneys, lungs, and even digestive tract also have a part in detoxification.

Toxic ants can affect these organs both extremely and accumulate. More harmful is the preserving, poor quality poison (toxins) like remnant you use commonly in ordinary available vegetables and fruits. Results aren’t instant, and you might not see the links between long-term (chronic) low-quality toxicity and scrapping the extra weight.

Blood and detoxification

Blood is managed for carrying all types of materials to all the parts of your body, like O2, gland secretion, clotting cells (platelets), fat particles, sugar, and the cells of the defensive system. We surely have no requirement for any expensive cleanse diet or detoxing supplementation to clean blood and body from impurities and unwanted substances.

Blood functions

The blood does 3 main tasks:

  • Transporting: The blood carries (transports) gases like O2 and CO2 to and from the lungs and to all over the body. The blood also moves nutrients from the gut to the other body parts, and carries waste materials, hormones, and other unwanted cells (dead cells).
  • Protection: The blood contains WBC that kills overrun germs, as well as platelet cells to clot the blood and lower the loss of blood in the case of injury.
  • Regulation: The blood takes part in pH regulation of the body, temperature maintenance, and balance of H2O.

Body organs for detoxification:

Thankfully, your body already has a cleaning process and removes waste and toxic materials from the blood called the liver and the kidneys.

  • Liver: The liver is found in the right side and upper part of the abdomen. It produces energy from food particles. It also converts toxins, e.g alcohol, unnecessary metals, and extra medications, into dangerous materials and confirms their removal from the body.
  • Kidneys: The kidneys are 2 bean-shaped organs working for filtering the blood & removing waste material and extra water.

In the natural Detox process our intestines, skin, spleen, and lymphatic system also take part. The ingredients in supplements that claim to clean blood and detoxify our body might help the blood indirectly by helping kidney and liver function, there’s no proof that shows that they have a direct influence on cleaning waste and toxins from the blood.

How liver clean blood

The liver is one of the largest organs in the body. It is important l in cleaning (detoxifying) the body.


  • Filters the blood
  • Convert food into energy
  • Removes poisons, for example, the extra products from the breakdown of medicines and food and alcohols. And other chemicals i.e., lead , fluoride, zink, etc.
  •  The liver contains 1000s of lobules. These smallest areas filter blood and make and release fluid called bile to digest fatty substances in your body.
  • Producing defensive cells WBC to remove bacteria, microorganisms, potentially harmful toxicants from the blood.
  • While the liver is one of the major blood filtering organs, we also have many other filtration organs:
  • Lungs remove injured particles present in the air, like cigarette smoke and other smoke poisons particles.
  • Intestines crash parasites and other unneeded organisms.
  • Kidneys filter extra toxins, waste from the blood and release them through urine.

Bad effect of toxic body

There are several bad impacts of toxins on the human body following are these

1.  Over weightiness

 The body contains a lot of toxic substances, which are the main reason for this entire problem. Some toxins are lipophilic, therefore stock in fatty tissues of bodywork. For example DI-oxins, insecticides, and PCBs. In this way, it means when the body overloading off these toxins then cutting off extra weight is not possible.

2. Unexplainable enervation

If anyone completes eight hours of sleep and after waking up still feels exhausted, then its main cause is over the toxicity of the body. Toxicity creates stress which has a great impact on AG. Deep-rooted (chronic) surfing because the toxic burden is a reason for exhaustion and tiredness of adrenal. Adrenal fatigue makes you like running -down and nervous. Several toxins can damage the working of the adrenal gland directly. For example, commonly caffeine has a negative effect on adrenals.

3. Insomniatic

 A hormone called cortical is released to manage stress. The ordinary and healthy and normal level of cortical is at the peak in the morning and in the evening time, it becomes low. Well if the hormone loses its balance, in the evening its levels are too. Elevated. This makes you feel really zestful and causes disturbance in dose. insomnia is terrible d for your health; in short 8-hour sleep according to the timetable is a must for a healthy life.

4.  Blurry thinking

Several toxins straight affect the brain, e.g.  Aspartame & (mono-sodium glutamate) M-G-S. The effect of toxins feels like a little bit of spaced out the time. It is required to remove both mentions above because they are excitotoxins, literally which lift up the death of our brain cells. Aspartame comes from drinks, especially diet drinks, sugar-free (diet) foods, and toothpaste. The processed foods are also its good source.

5. Unexplainable migraine

If someone is suffering from unexplainable head pain on a daily basis, it could be a hint of high toxicity. Usually, toxins that cause migraines are based on MSG and aspartame, as explained before. While many other toxins also cause pain in the head, heavy metals, artificial colorings, and artificial preservatives also cause this.

6. Mood swings

If a person has certain changes in mood or fluctuating mood it can specify that imbalance of hormones. The toxins, are like Xenoestrogen, create disturbance in hormonal balance in females and males.

8.  Cricks and irritable bowel syndrome (constipation)

It is surely prime to dispose of useless substances from the body regularly. If they do not daily bowel move the toxins are sucked back into the flow of body liquid, remaining the body too dirty (TOXIC). Use further H2O and use more fiber-rich food to get control of this complication…

9. Pain in Muscle & aches

If a man suffers from unexplained muscle aches, pang, pains, cramps, twin go, etc. Then his body carries a very high level of toxicants.   Toxin materials affect pain sensors (receptors) in the muscular cells which start smarting, craps, towing, common muscular pain, throb, stabbing, etc. in muscles. The toxins have an instant impact especially on muscles or it may t be sometimes delayed.

10. Reaction (effect) on skin:

The liver should be gritted to clean many dirty substances that it reveals in the body. And, if the liver is overloaded by a lot of poison particles, the skin also tries to eliminate the excess noxious with the cooperation of the Liver. This may root skin disorders, zit acne, pimples, rashes, blisters, cysts, swelling dark spots, etc.

Chief foods for a natural “Detox”

There is not only single food that will help to clean organs and Detox and body fluid (blood). A healthy diet that consists of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great choice. Good digestive system health helps with pre-biotics, a fibrous food that also feeds the good bacteria in the track called pro- biotics.

1. Fresh Water(H2O)   

The best trick to increase and regulate kidneys’ activity is to drink more clean and fresh water. As we know, kidneys deal with water to remove waste from the body. Water also keeps your blood vessels open and clean by which blood can pass easily. Severe dehydration can badly affect the kidney and damage their activity.

 A common suggestion is eight glasses of water per day, but you may need more or less you. Males usually need more water than females.

2. Cruciferous vegetables:

vegetables are the best suggestions for those people who have unwell or weak kidneys. Does not work properly. These veggies are rich in antioxidants and overload nutritious. They minimize the chance of many types of cancer, like cancer of the kidney. And also, they’re incredibly versatile. You can eat them raw, steamed, baked, grilled, or as part of a soup or casserole.

3. Blueberries

 This blue fruit contains an abundant amount of antioxidants, which give protection to our vital organ “liver” from destruction. Studies and research on animals have defined that whole blueberries can improve the health of the liver and aid in proper functioning. One should eat blueberries fresh or frozen, or in juices drinks or smoothie, or with yogurt, oatmeal, etc.

4. Coffee, cappuccino

Using coffee has good results on the liver.  According to Studies and research drinking coffee minimizes the danger of cirrhosis in humans with long-term liver problems or disease and also lowers the chances of cancer development in the liver. Coffee related to a less threat of death in people, who have long-term (chronic) liver complications.  And also show positive results during antiviral treatment in hepatitis C patients. The benefits may be due to coffee’s ability to prevent the accumulation of fat and collagen in the liver.

5. Garlic

Garlic not only gives tasty flavor to our many dishes, but it can also be used as fresh and dry powdered. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also assists in controlling the level of cholesterol in the body and maintains BP.

6. Apples

Apples are rich in pectin which is a soluble fiber and help normalize the level of sugar in the blood. Its high level is harmful to kidneys.


Some types of fish, e.g. Tuna, sardines, and salmon are wealthy with a fatty acid (OMEG Acids. Which is decreasing blood triglyceride levels and also lower BP, which is a green signal for our vital organs (liver and kidneys).

Herbs that help to improve the health of kidney and liver

Many herbs have gone lend effect on our health. However, we should use them within limits; excessive uses of herbal extracts have negative impacts on the kidneys. If a person already faces kidney or liver problems then he should avoid all the herbal supplements or drinks. 

 Some herbs have positive responses for blood and body cleaning and are also friendly with the liver and kidneys.

  • Ginger
  • Green tea
  • Hibiscus (Roselle)
  • Parsley

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar (Ph.D.)
University of Sargodha, Sargodha


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