Some facts of Helicopter Catfish

Helicopter Catfish (Wallago attu) 

Taxonomic Classification of Helicopter Catfish

Kingdom                 Animalia

Phylum                  Chordata

Class                  Actinopterygii

Order                   Siluriformes

Family                 Cyprinidae

Genus                   Wallago

Species              Wallago attu

General characters

The helicopter catfish can achieve lengths of up to 96 inches (8 feet), even though the normal size of grown-ups is 48 inches (4 feet) long. This species lives in lakes and profound, moderate moving streams.

It is perceived by its shiny, white shading and by its long hairs. Its eating regimen comprises of littler fish and creatures of land and water. In a few examples, it has been found with little feathered creatures and warm-blooded creatures in its stomach pit.


This fish breeds in shallow water, for the most part, close to the waterway banks, toward the start of the blustery season. People depend on this fish as a nourishment source. Due to overfishing, its populace has radically declined and is currently viewed as close undermined.[1]Research for ANIT Committee: Particular welfare needs in animal transport: aquatic animals ([2]Size heterogeneity prevails over kinship in shaping cannibalism among larvae of sharptooth catfish Clarias gariepinus ([3]Wallago attu – Wikipedia