Caspian white fish (Caspian Kutum) : Classification, distribution, feeding

Caspian white fish (Caspian Kutum)

Scientific Classification

Kingdom                        Animalia

Phylum                         Chordata

Class                           Actinopterygii

Order                          Cypriniformes

Family                          Cyprinidae

Genus                            Caspian

Specie                          C.Kutum


It is prevalent in Caspian ocean. It is dispersed from the strong tone of the volga river up to the main kale. In southwestern cut-up of sea bend to the Anjali and qizilchauy bays. On the eastern coast, it takes place in a trek estuarine areas and in Iranian water.


It gives to eat on invertebrates, shrimps, amphipods, and deny. Larvae and fry of rotifers, diatom algae, and larvae of copepods.


It lives in a tiny drill in the unlimited run but has children in subconscious excluding run in arm in April-may. Eggs are laid in prepare and hatching comes about in 10 days. They happen to sexually mature in 3-5 years. The slightest inhabitant’s time is 4.5-14 years.

Spirit is low. It is used a  dig around endowment 45-55 cm in distance end to end and 4 kg in weight. It is old in mutual and harvested commercially. Flesh and roe are sold as food. These are greatly prized.[1](PDF) An Overview on the Caspian White Fish Biology, Ecology and Reproduction ([2]Microsoft Word – Magazine-English ([3](PDF) Food and feeding habits of the Caspian Kutum, Rutilus frisii kutum (Cyprinidae) in Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea | Abdel-Fattah El-Sayed –[4]Caspian kutum – Wikipedia

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