Where I can find Scorpion Venom for my research

What is Scorpion?

Scorpion is basically an animal and a very interesting animal. It is a member of the phylum Arthropoda and class arachnidian. It is a very old animal and has been on this planet for four hundred and sixty million years. It is famous for its shape and Sting hurts. It uses its sting to escape from enemy and to kill its prey.

 Its sting hurts a lot, so it is a sign of fear. If someone is bitten by a scorpion, there is a feeling of severe pain that can last from twenty-four hours to several hours. Its sting is in a small pouch called talson which is present in its tail and it has a very fine channel with the help of which it injects the poison into its victim and achieves the desired results.

How does scorpion venom cause damage?

 Scorpion venom contains chemicals that activate pain receptors in the body’s cells and this causes the nervous system to feel pain-like. [1]Scorpion Sting: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment (clevelandclinic.org)

This means protecting the area where the scorpion has bitten so that the immune system has more time to heal. 

How scorpions use venom to capture their prey.

The scorpion first uses its palp to capture its prey. After that scorpion can inject venom to victim that can be its prey. When the prey stops moving, the scorpion takes it to a safe place and eats it.[2]Venom costs and optimization in scorpions – CORE Reader

Is scorpion venom harmful to humans?

Scorpion venom is harmful to humans. Millions of people are bitten by scorpions every year and people have to suffer from the symptoms of which pain is the most important.

Can we get poison from scorpions?

We can get poison from Scorpion by various methods including using heat, electric shock, water etc. But collection of scorpion venom is a difficult task.

Scorpion venom is expensive?

Scorpion venom is valuable mainly because it is used in research to cure a variety of disorders, i.e., cancer, pain medication, analgesic medicines, asthma, brain disease etc. Similarly, it is using information of biopesticide research. Scorpion poison is also being used in the cosmetic industry due to which its price is very high.[3]Scorpion Venom Is the Most Expensive Liquid in the World (businessinsider.com)

Does the scorpion easily give its poison?

Scorpion does not give poison easily, different methods are adopted for this, methods that do not harm the scorpion, that is, it does not have to be killed and it also gives poison easily. But this work is not possible without an expert.

What types of people work on scorpion venom?

Scientists who research on the treatment of various diseases with poison. Such people who can be professors at universities, researchers of research labs, research on scorpion venom.

How do you know that scorpion venom is real or fake?

Scorpion venom contains a variety of low molecular weight particles, which help to determine whether the venom is real, but it is a difficult and tedious task. However, no one can guarantee that the venom is real 100% real.

What kind of scorpion venom is used for research.

The scientist who is working on scorpion venom is responsible for this method and he has to develop his own methodology on how to do it. Some scientists use simple crude scorpion venom, as it is obtained from Scorpion. Some people separate the particles in this poison and then use it. That is, they pass scorpion’s poison through various processes and then use it.

How many scientists in the world are working on the scorpion venom?

Research on snake and other poisonous animal venom is being on, but there are very few people working on scorpion venom, the main reason being that scorpion venom is very expensive and there is no guarantee that the venom that is being used real or fake. Another reason is that scorpion give it venom in very small amount which cannot be used on extensive research. People avoid to work on Scorpion due to its lack of venom.

How is scorpion venom preserved?

Scorpion venom also contain protein particles, and it is necessary to preserve immediately after extracting them from scorpions so that venom do not spoil. The less than -80 C temperature used to store venom and can be used again.

Where does scorpion venom come from?

Finding scorpion venom is a difficult task because very few people are working on it in the world. The main reasons

  • Scorpions are very difficult to find
  • Its poison is very little amount.
  • Extracting the poison from scorpion is also a difficult task.

If you want to buy scorpion venom, where to buy it?

It is a difficult task. If you are doing research on scorpion venom, you are a scientist or doing medical research or working in a research institute and you need scorpion venom, you should buy it from a government certified company.

Or you should contact a scientist who is doing research on scorpions.

Following address can be helpful for you in buying scorpion venom.


University of Education Faisalabad (Scorpion Venom Resource Center)

Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Ahsan

[email protected]

Ph# +923102074426

Directions: Your location to University of Education Faisalabad – Google Maps


Information on purchasing scorpion venom can be found. They have been researching the scorpion and its venom for the past 10 years.

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