Management and conservation strategies of fishes

Fish show giants in their biology, size, shape, and habitat that they have. The fishes that are present in great numbers are bony fishes and are teleost.

In addition, there are around about 800 species are present that are cartilaginous and from that round, about 70 are that fishes don’t have jaws mean they are jawless fishes including hagfishes and lampreys.

Fish conservation is very necessary following are conservational options.

Important fish conservation options

In situ conservation

In situ conserving of fish and the natural land where fish is present will try to conserve. For this purpose it will be identify the natural land and than necessary measure have to taken for conservation of fish. If there are some sources that can disturb specific habitat or ecosystem of fish. There will be a sole action will taken to conserve it.

Conservation Aquaculture

Aquaculture conservation is also a very important factor because in a balanced ecosystem other prey and predators life and activity is very important. In natural ecosystem fish feeds on its natural food. And production of and conservation of this is very important.

It infers aquaculture in reclamation programs of a rare population of fishes by increasing the actual size of the population of the threatened species.

The management of the aquatic areas

The habitat of fish is the water so it is very important to conserve the habitat or the aquatic area where fish is present. For this purpose different strategies must be adopted on govt. and private level.

Regulatory measures

The Law regarding fish conservation should be made and ensure the implementation of these laws.

Gene bank gamete

There should be gene bank of gene, embryo, gametes for endangered species of fish. It can help in raring of fish after its extinction. For this purpose extremely minimum temperature (-196 degree centigrade) in the nitrogen liquid can be used. 

This cryopreservation method in which multiple gene, embryo, gametes for endangered species of fish can be preserve easily. 

Gene bank with DNA

The banking of DNA that is now to be limited would (1) genomic DNA (2) library of the DNA ( the DNA genomic OR cDNA LIBRARY (3) the cloned fragments of DNA etc.

Marine reverse/protected water

The reserve of marine is known as the space in the sea and in that area, casting closed and the margins place to the efforts present the animals, shrubberies, habitats, or supporting biodiversity.

The reverse of marine could also be used for education, recreation, and sightseeing as same as intentionally developing the yield of fisheries by declining the population of the fish. The protective area of marine is very similar to the reserve of the marine, the reverse of fishery or reserves, parks.

Habitat conservation

Essential fish habitat

Habitat conservation of fish is more valuable factor for fish. Fish is aquatic animal and can not live without water. Similarly, some fishes are fresh water and and some are marine water so that every species of fish is adjust in to its specific habitat, so it is very essential and very important to conserve the fish habitat.

The map of the important fish habitat

It is very important to have complete fish habitats details in in location based studies. A complete map and geo-coordinates record must be there for formulation of details of fish habitat. And for conservation strategies. GIS is good tool for mapping of fish.

The fish senses

The fishes senses is also a good factor for conservation of fish. There would be a regular senses program that can give a black and white about fish that either fish quantity is rising of declining. If there is declining so that there should be the necessary steps for stoppage of this decline. [1]Fish conservation in freshwater and marine realms: status, threats and management – Arthington – 2016 – Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems – Wiley Online … Continue reading[2]The Society for Conservation Biology (

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar (Ph.D.)
University of Sargodha, Sargodha

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