Threats to wildlife survival and solutions

Wildlife is a manifestation of the beauty of nature and enhances natural beauty. During the evolutionary process, a wide variety of animal and plant species came into being, and many of them still exist today.

Animals have adapted to their environment and today they are very well adjusted to their environment.

As much as there is life on this planet, whether it is in the form of animals or in the form of plants, it has the same right to live as we humans have.

But sadly, animals have been deprived of their right to live and are constantly being deprived. This is normal in a country like Pakistan.

The case of the death of the female leopard in Pakistan

Recently, the news was broadcast in which a female leopard was found injured in the northern part of Pakistan in Azad Kashmir. She was injured and her intestines or body sticking out. The locals informed the Wildlife Department and then the officials took her to Islamabad where she could not recover.

Female leopard death in pakistan

Female leopard Death in Pakistan

According to the information received, the female leopard was hit by a vehicle or shot by a person due to which her backbone was broken and she became useless. While she was dragging her body, people saw her and then handed her over to the wildlife department where she died. After the news went viral on social media, people expressed their grief. 

Why is wildlife endangered in Pakistan?

The answer is that human beings have an intrusion into the lives of wild animals, and this intrusion has to the point of extinction.

There are many reasons but some are more important and less discussed.

Some details are given and if we do not change our attitudes soon, even the wild animals will be extinct.

Religion and wildlife

Here are two factors related to religion

Animals that are halal and can be eaten

Pakistan has a Muslim population and consumption of meat is halal (allowed by religion).
Animals that are religiously halal include a wide variety of birds and mammals, which are considered halal by Islam and are hunted and hunted by humans, which endangers the breed of these animals. 

When you talk to any person in Pakistan that I have a deer, a blue cow, or some wild birds, the first answer will be that it should be slaughtered and eaten.

This is the opinion of most people except for a few. It turns out that if there is a halal animal, it should be slaughtered and eaten as soon as possible. Despite the efforts of wildlife, this attitude has not changed yet. [1]Hunting according to Islamic Law | New Muslim Guide

Animals that may be harmful

The killing of wild animals that can harm human beings is also considered a right by the people of Pakistan. You can ask any person where you are sitting if any snake comes out or any other poison The only answer you will get is what will you do if the animal comes out that it will be killed as soon as possible.

Regardless of this, the animals have taken some steps to protect themselves Poisons also include their teeth and claws, etc. They are used only when the animals are in danger of death.

But in Pakistani society, the only thing that is emphasized is that the harmful animals should be eliminated as soon as possible. They must be destroyed as soon as possible.

Very few people will think that by doing so their species will become extinct and the animals which you consider to be harmful animals are doing according to their own nature which you are misunderstanding. [2]Religion and Animal Welfare—An Islamic Perspective (

One of the most common factors is to catch animals and make money by selling them

Animals that can benefit financially

Wild animals that are sold at high prices are ruthlessly hunted and money is earned by selling them. Whether it is scorpions or snakes as well as different kinds of lizards and turtles and spiny anteaters etc. they are ruthless. The result is that wildlife becomes extinct.

Wildlife Department, At the same time on social media, a few heartbroken people have raised a lot of voices about the harm of wildlife if it did not bring any significant benefit and the wildlife is being harmed anyway. A healthy female leopard in Azad Kashmir Such a death is a clear example.

How to save wildlife in Pakistan

Understanding Wildlife

The most important and important thing is that there is a continuous awareness campaign about animals and especially wild animals. And the most important people for this are religious people.

There is no disagreement that religious leaders The importance of the matter are very high in Pakistan. The first two factors mentioned above in which killing of halal wild animals and harmful wild animals should be explained in such a way as to highlight the importance of animals and find ways to achieve Ijtihad.

Help all people come together on one point so that the hunting of animals is kept to a minimum and their offspring remain.

The mosque’s speakers are a good way to get the message out to the general public.
An announcement should be made in the mosques every month by the Wildlife Department to highlight the importance of wildlife and emphasize that they should not be killed in any way and make this part of our culture. 

Schools, colleges, and universities should be made aware of why wild animals are important and how they can be saved. [3]

Legislation and penalties

Strict legislation should be enacted by the Wildlife Department, severe punishments should be formulated and those who do not abide by the law should be punished. The importance of this should be conveyed to the people from this point of view as well.

The role of electronic media and social media for wildlife

It is important that all social media platforms, as well as electronic media, be made to believe that wildlife messages and videos or related content should reach as many people as possible so that people can understand and change their thinking about wildlife in a positive way to help protect and save them.

In Pakistan, every wild animal has the right to live like a normal citizen.

Similarly, animal habitats should not be destroyed.

Whether it is agriculture, housing society, or deforestation for various reasons, we are taking away their homes from wild animals. It must be stopped. Otherwise, we will soon lose our natural assets and these wild animals will be destroyed.

Written by: Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Ahsan

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

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