Common kestrel and Camel of Saudi Arabia (Fauna)

The animals of Saudi Arabia are important as well as plants. The larger animals which are present abundantly in Saudi Arabia are Camel (dromedary) Arabian tahr, wolf, red fox, caracal, and Cape hare. These animals are going to be extinct due to the destruction of their home ranges. Capturing of animals for benefit of human beings.

The two most important animals of Saudi Arabia are below


Common kestrel

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordate

Class: Aves

Order: Falconiformes


Genus: Falco

Specie:Falco tinnunculus

The group is kestrel and the family is Falconidae. Another name for the same bird is European kestrel and Eurasian kestrel.  It ranges from 32-39 cm head to tail. Females are larger in size than males. Adult males have weight 136-252 gram, averagely is 155 gram but females which have 154-314 gram but averagely is 184 gram.

The size of the body is smaller than other birds of prey but it is larger than birds of song. Tail is long as common in Falco species. The area of the plumage is mostly light brown with spots that are black in color around the neck region on the upper side.

But the lower side may be a black narrow streak with buff. The males have two distinct color patterns, the neck region has black spots and streaks but the tail and cap are grey-blue in color so the common kestrel has color dimorphism.

Bright yellow color is present in feet and in-ring which is narrow and present around the eye. Beak, nails toe, and iris are dark.[1]SciELO – Brazil – <i>Caryospora peneireiroi</i> n. sp. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) in the common kestrel, <i>Falco tinnunculus</i> (Falconiformes: Falconidae), in … Continue reading


Overhunting is the main threat for this bird. Peoples hunt Females of this bird and use it for the capturing of other prey birds.



Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordate

Class: Mammalia


Family: Camelidae

Genus: Camelus

Species:Camelus dromedaries

Camel of Arabia is also called the Arabian camel, which was commonly known as a dromedary. The toes are even in number. It has a bump on its back. It has large in size. Male after reaching adult stage is 1.8-2 meters at their shoulders but females range from 1.7-1.9 meters.

There are three species of camel but the dromedary is famous and tallest in size. The weight of males ranges from 400-600 kg, but the weight of females ranges from 300-540 kg. The coat color is brown in shade. The bump is about 20 cm tall. It is made up of fat with fibrous tissues.

The feature is that it has a neck which long but arched. Only one bump is present but in baclrian camel two bumps are present. Numerous long hairs are present around the bump, throat, and shoulder. These are present mainly in arid regions when it is wild. The domesticated dromedary is present generally in semi-arid regions. It is used for the trade of things from city to city in a desert area, where the vehicle cannot run fast as a camel can.

It is also used for the production of milk and meat because when captured and slaughtered, the same people of different tribes depend upon this feed only. In desert areas used for carrying people’s luggage from one place to another. Naturally is not producing from last 2000 years.[2]document_564014.pdf (


There is no threat to camel in Saudi Arabia because this animal is domesticated and people protect them.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar (Ph.D.)
University of Sargodha, Sargodha