News of changes in the environment reverberates day by day and it is also visible to see and feel that the atmosphere is changing anyway.

Sea level is rising due to glacier's melt, which is due to global warming. And climatic balance is disturbing in almost all parts of the world that leads to change of ecosystems

Birds are very beautiful flying animals and are playing their part in the environment in a very good way and they are doing as much work as they can to balance the ecosystem of which a bird is a part

Birds prepare themselves for reproduction in the early spring and summer days. This is the season when there is a lot of fruit available for food. part

The houses of birds are their nests which are on trees and in these months these houses or nests are settled. But as soon as the birds lay eggs and wait to take out their chicks from them,  the unseasonal rain begins

The temperature which should have been between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius now starts changing drastically.

This continues in the months of March and April, causing the eggs in birds' nests to get damaged by temperature changes

Hailstorm is also a huge factor that is causing a lot of damage to birds.

Snow .pieces of hail break the eggs in the nests.damage to birds