Wildlife is very important factor of ecosystem

Single cell protein is product of recombinant DNA under umbrella of genetic engendering 

Wildlife conservation is basically a method of protecting wildlife, keeping them in a balanced numbers  

There are many reasons why wildlife is being disturbed, but the main reason is over-hunting by humans for protein 

Human protein needs for essential amino acids are increasing due to rise of population.

Killing of wildlife is not bearable in any case. But humans need proteins….

Single cell protein (SCP) can be a good alternative source of protein to meet shortage of protein other sources.

Objections to Single-Cell Proteins are also there and many people around the world don't think it's good to eat protein that is derived from single cell.

But what is the alternative? Is meat forming industries is only solution?

No, there is an option of single cell protein, but advance research is required.

We can survive the wild animals by fulfilling human protein needs by SCP. After doing this, humans can automatically avoid illegal hunting for meat.