Contamination occurs as a result of the increase in e-waste, posing substantial threats to the environment and human health 

If we do not handle the growing e-waste problem, it could have disastrous effects for our world.

Waste management and recycling efforts in industrialized countries help to reduce contamination and its consequences 

In developing countries, a lack of waste management infrastructure has major environmental and health consequences 

Toxic components from incorrectly disposed e-waste can go across borders and impact even developed countries

A collaborative effort is required; rich countries must play an important role in assisting waste management projects in developing regions

Recycling e-waste not only recovers valuable materials but also drastically minimises the environmental impact.

Raising awareness about proper e-waste disposal is critical for avoiding contamination and protecting our ecosystem.

Adopting sustainable practices and responsible consumption can pave the road for a cleaner future; immediate action is required.