Pre charged pneumatic air guns (PCPs) and wildlife damages

An airgun is basically a gun that does not have a mechanism similar to that of a normal gun bullet which explodes due to a chemical reaction and the energy generated by a chemical reaction that pushes the bullet forward

Two major types of airguns: – Springer AirgunPre-charged pneumatic air guns

Springer air gun has spring and PCPs has compressed air used to the metal pallet is pushed forward

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PCPs Airgun is harming wildlife

8-14 pallets can be inserted in PCPs and less sound, and PCPs can send pellets very far as compared to springer air gun, and its accuracy is also very good that leads to damage of wold animals.ger air guns

It is not enough just to ban the PCPs, their import should be banned and in the same way, the existing PCPs should be destroyed so that we can see the birds in the future