"Ecosystems are complex networks in which every creature plays a role." Small-sized wildlife serves as the basis, linking numerous elements and contributing to the ecosystem's vitality."

"From pollination to soil aeration, small creatures play critical roles." Plants are fertilised by insects, pests are controlled by frogs, and seeds are dispersed by rodents."

"When floods strike, they cause havoc. Rapidly rising floods disrupt habitats, forcing small animals to flee or risk danger."

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"Survival becomes a race against the clock." Smaller animals must seek higher land, often with few options, putting them exposed to predators and stress."

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"Floods remove nests, breeding grounds, and young offspring." This interrupts reproduction cycles, resulting in long-term population decreases in wildlife."

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"The extinction of small-sized wildlife has repercussions throughout the ecosystem." The natural equilibrium is upset when predators lose prey and plants lose pollinators."

"The aftermath of floods can have long-term consequences." It takes years for habitats to recover, and certain species may struggle to recover."

"Conservationists are critical in rehabilitating damaged habitats and populations." Habitat restoration and captive breeding programmes aid in the recovery of small-sized species."