Soda Lake | Alkaline nature of lake water

Soda Lake is a shallow, alkali Endorheic Lake in southeastern California. It is a Surface elevation about 580 m from the sea. Soda Lake also called a soda dry lake in San Bernardino California. It is part of the remains of the concentric age Lake Mojave.

The water in Soda Lake quickly dries leaving alkaline evaporates. The evaporates are sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

It designates as a group of lakes that indicates a surplus of the total increase in the number of alkalines. The lakes of soda are the aggregate of ions which are maybe ions of carbonate and also in the addition of carbonates and also ions of carbonates more than the charges in the ions of earth alkaline.

The occurrence of Soda Lake

Usually, lakes of the soda as we can call them sodas lakes occur all over the world but there are special places zones which are called as albeit It seems to have to connect and indications owing to the zones of TECTONIC and also zones of VOLCANO.

The Kravil and Bulls are the parts of eastern Africa where immensely or widely the well-known lakes of soda lakes occur. Olkerweel known group of alkaline Lakes occur in the USA. But less well known occur in Australia, Afghanistan, and Turkey.

Chemicals present in Soda Lake

On the basis of chemicals composition of soda and its chemistry properties, various kinds of lakes that contain soda contents are present in the world and are most prominent and most importantly lakes that categories the world’s biggest economy lake is the VANE lake which is present in the area of Anatolia east. The data of morphometrics van lake:

Totally area basins: 16096 Km2

Tributary of total are: 12574 Km2

The Surfaces of the lake: 3522 Km2

The Volumes of the lake: 576 Km2

Annual water exchange: 3.78 Km2

Different types of chemicals extracted from soda lakes the most important are potash, sodium carbonates etc. some soda lakes also have uranium carbonates and add some radiation to the environment.

Soda Lake Microbial ties

Those lakes that reach high supersaturation values produce

Cyano-bacterial Microbialties life

The world’s widest sodas lakes represent the better place to read examine and research of modern stromatolites, their structure, microorganisms overviews, and growing ratios. Numerous lakes create a structure that resembles the Precambrian.

The hypothesis of the lake sodas:

It stands for the concepts of early alkalinity are the large alkalinity in the sea.“analogy to the chemistry of present-day Soda Lakes”

Organism present in Soda Lakes

Many Cellular living organisms like Crustaceans, Artemias of shrimps brine end lope pod paradiaptomus, Fish Alcolapia are the some examples.

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Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
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American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

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