Thermal Pollution | Rise of temperature is pollution

Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution is a debasement of water character by any procedure which alters the complete temperature of the water in a specific area.  A reason for this Pollution is the utilization of water as a fluid agent ( gas or liquid) by the ability of plants and for industrial work.   When the water used as … Read more

Soil pollution | Enemy of natural beauty

soil pollution

The degradation of soil by human beings, chemicals, and other change in the natural soil is called soil contamination or soil pollution  It is mainly caused by improper disposal of waste products, agricultural chemicals, and industries waste products. Some solvents, pesticide lead, and other metals like heavy metals. Soil pollution has its effects on the … Read more

Radioactive pollution | Advance level environmental issue

Radioactive pollution

Radioactive pollution in which radiation is produced by radioactive elements and cause harmful effect on living organisms including animals and human beings. The types of elements that produce radioactive radiation are called radioactive elements. The phenomenon of emitting radioactive radiation is called radioactivity. For example Helium Neon Organ Krypton Xenon Sources of Radioactive pollution There are two … Read more

Marine pollution | The main type of sea pollution

Marine pollution

Any polluted substance in water that disturbs aquatic life especially marine called marine pollution.  It has a diverse effect on aquatic life and disturbs them. In this way, aquatic life disturbs. And cannot survive. How marine pollution harmful It is a threat to any organism living or depending upon the pond’s human effect on the … Read more

Noise pollution | Behavior disturbing sound issues

Noise pollution

Sound pollution is known as also environmental noise pollution is the cultivation of a loud environment by danger effect of the human tasks or life of animals in n different external or in open-air source and is spreading all over the place and is mostly reason by various used of shifted process and the cultivation … Read more

Microplastics | Fine plastics particles causing pollution


The type of plastics that are very fine plastics parts, distribute in air water, and soil that causes pollution in the environment is called microplastics. These small plastics when in a large quantity cause contamination of water, food and all the things of use and cause diseases in them. Explanation about Microplastics These are the … Read more

Light pollution | Life is also a pollutant in recent era

Light pollution

One of the environmental pollutions is light pollution. It is the fastest growing and pervasive environmental pollution. From previous years research about light pollution is done and light pollution has its effect in the field of astronomy, human science, natural science, physics and also in environmental science. What is Light Light is a visible spectrum … Read more