Oceanic acidification | pH of oceans becomes low

Oceanic acidification is the process in which the level of acidity increase in the oceans because of physical, human-based, and environmental factors.

Causes of oceanic acidifications

  • Deforestation is the one cause of the indirect factor of the environment which causes an increased level of acidification.
  • Co2 of the atmosphere is the main cause which largely affects the life of the oceans and increases the oceanic acidification by dissolved in the oceanic water in the form of H+ and HCO3+ so the whole process is called the carbon of the sequestration.
  • Ships traveling in the oceans also cause oceanic acidity.
  • Rivers which contain other materials of the industrials also, disturb the environment of oceans.

Effect of oceanic acidification on life

When the acidity of the oceans is increased it causes environmental disturbance for the life of the ocean’s organisms by an increase in pollution and temperature.

Many algae and other animals of the oceans make the shells from calcium carbonate which is very hard in nature, but when the acidity of the oceans is increased shells making the activity of animals are to slower than the normal routine.

  • Many organisms of the oceans can not maintain their metabolisms because of increasing acidity so their metabolic system disturbed, however, animals required low temperature or pH for the maintenance of their internal body temperature.
  • Due to the acidification of oceans, the co2 level increased in the oceans which are useful for the growth of much oceanic grass. So the grass overgrows and reduce the photosynthesis level in the oceans and the resulting loss of the biodiversity of the oceans.
  • The elements which are very useful for the growth of the organisms of the oceanic’s elements i.e., iron, phosphorus, and nitrogen because of the acidic environments of the oceans.
  • When the water of the oceans is more acidic than its minerals attached to the other organic minerals .so the organisms cant use it, because of it the growth rates of the animals are altered.

Fish neurology and acidity of the oceans

  • The smell of the predators which the fishes cant like are attached to the sense of the fishes which causes loss of the sense organ of fishes.
  • When the acidity of the oceans is too high it affects the clownfishes which lose their sense of smell because of it they cant navigate well.
  • The sense of smelling of the fishes and the behaviors of the fishes are also disturbed by the acidity of the oceans.

Effects of the acidifications on oceans life

  • The shells of the animals are damaged.
  • By the continuous increase in oceanic acidifications, the life of the oceans is disturbed and the density of life decreased and destroys.
  • The food chain of the oceans is also disturbed and destroy.
  •  The basic structure and the strengthening of the corals are lost by the increased level of the acidification of the oceans.
  •  Many animals all almost all marine animals cant survives in the environments of the oceans.
  • The growth rates and the colonies of the corals are reduced and lost because of the acidity.

Important measurements use to prevents the oceanic’s acidity

  • By the process of afforestation and reforestation, we can decrease the level of acidity of the oceans.
  • It is good if we do not use or build the roads near to the oceans because traffic pollutions increased the corbanoxide levels which are later absorbed by the sea and affected oceanic life.
  • We can also control the acidification by decreasing the heaters of the water temperatures we also control the acidity of the oceans.
  •  For the maintenance of the oceanic life, it is better to reduce the co2 levels.
  • Special marine environment protected areas should be created and save the life of fishes from the acidifications of the oceans.
  • If we add the lime carbonates in the oceans then we will reduce the levels of the acidifications.
  • To reduce the acidity it is best to add the alkalis in the oceans.
  • Grows more trees near the oceanic areas.
  • It is good that the industries are covered with green jackets or grow the trees to reduce the industrials pollution and prevents it from entering into the oceans.
  •   If we should not take immediate measurements for the control or prevention of the acidity in the oceans then it will disturb all economics and global and the community of the local areas of the oceans and also disturb the life of marine ecosystems.

Oceanic acidifications solutions

International programs for the control of the acidifications of the oceans

  •   To measure the specials instruments in the laboratories and measurement of precision is taken place.
  • The modern research and the programs which are makes by the UK acidifications of the oceans.
  • The programs of acidifications of the oceans by the national of oceanic and the administrations of the atmospheres.
  • Main steps which are taken by the programs are the;
  • Awareness to the public about the care and prevention to makes pollutions near to the oceanic areas.
  • To make the environment cleans.
  • To create some special types of research’s or the techniques which are very useful in reducing the oceanic acidity in the large quantity by short expenses
  •    To measures the important plains which are helping in reducing levels of acidity.
  • As the oceans are the main source of aquatic foods for humans and for other animals that are endangered. oceans provide them shelters. so it is important to clean our oceans by direct method and also indirectly.
  • As oceans are the main source of pearls .but when the oceanic environments are destroyed we will not gain the pearls from the oceans.
  • It is our duty that we all take part in cleaning the oceans because it’s the oceans that are helpful in maintaining the environments or balance the environmental conditions.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Khalid Mukhtar (Ph.D.)
University of Sargodha, Sargodha

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