Dirtiest sea every day by humans

What is ocean dumping?

Ocean dumping is defined as the dumping of different types of material i.e., debris material waste material sewage, and waste chemical in the ocean. Aquatic life disturbs by this problem like the fish and shellfish consume this water and this may cause a serious problem for the ocean ecosystem.

The many types of material or particle dispersion in the ocean.  And these produce many problems for aquatic life as the life of fish and other marine animals.

Material that cannot be dumped in the ocean

According to EPA, there are the following type of material that is cannot be dumped in the ocean

  • Radioactive debris material of high level
  • Warfare agents cause biological radiological and chemicals that cannot be dumped in the ocean.
  • Different type of natural material shows flirting or remains in the ocean and this material interact with navigating fishes.
  • Industrial waste these are in the form of liquid or solid form. 
  • Medical waste includes human blood, blood product human body part, and dialysis waste.
  • The different types of heavy metals are also threats to marine life.

Effect of ocean dumping

Oil spills produce many aquatic problems in the ocean this oil is spread and in fish’s life, this oiler in the gill of fishes and block the respiratory way and this prevents the growth of a plant and causes the death.

If anyone eats this affected fish and these fish produce many problems for human health.

Many types of animals die such as dolphins sharks and seals due to lack of oxygen because garbage is dispersed in the ocean and oxygen is not reached and caste poor health.

The main effect of dumping ocean is our carelessness and this is not influenced only on fish life effect on all type of animal that is related will the food chain we can save our oceans we should not be thrown anything in the ocean and keep the ocean clean and take the law we should follow this law for the safe of Aquatic life and human health, therefore, we should keep the ocean neat and clean. [1]Ocean dumping: Information and policy development in the USA – ScienceDirect [2]https://lawcat.berkeley.edu/record/1110987/files/fulltext.pdf [3]Measuring the Effectiveness of the Ocean Dumping Management Program (epa.gov)

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

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