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Ocean dumping is defined as the dumping of different types of material as the construction the debris material waste material Sewage and waste chemical in the ocean. Aquatic life disturbs by this problem like the fish and shellfish consume this water and this water is contaminated and may cause a serious problem to the ocean.

Regulation of ocean dumping

Regulation of ocean dumping has much importance randomly Desprsion off the debris material and other waste materials in Ocean remove marine life and its natural resources. These natural resources have made an effect on human health but due to degrading of marine environment degrade the natural resources create many problems of human health more than 45-year management program of EPAs about Ocean dumping was acted in this program stated to stopped many harmful material wastes material and debris material from being Ocean harmful and support to remove the adverb impact that causes human health and the different type of fishes cause the ocean dumping as the navigation fishing Become the main cause of ocean dumping because these come from polluted places. And take the many wastes material from those places.

What is dumping in the ocean

The many types of material or particle dispersion in the ocean.  And these produce the many problems of aquatic life as the life of fish and remove their natural resources. Therefore their removal process becomes necessary and these are secrets from our Nations’ waterways. Transportation and national preventative Measure.

And national save and this material is recycled and again produce and used. Different types of material present in Ocean added by human remains these are the vessel and the fish waste. And these vessels are present in a special ocean site. To know that Were The vessel distressed take along with the state of ocean distressed place.

Material that is cannot be dumped in the ocean

According to EPA, there are the following type of material that is cannot be dumped in the ocean

1 Radioactive debris material of high level

2 warfare agents cause biological radiological and chemical that cannot be dumped in the ocean.

3 Different type of natural material that shows flirting or remains in the ocean and this material interact with navigating fishes.

4 Industrial waste and these are in the form of liquid or solid form. And these are produced from the plants.

5 Medical waste these include the different type of waste these are human blood and this blood contain the many toxic materials. Blood product human body part dialysis waste in this process cleaning of blood takes place and waste material cause dumping in the ocean is the main cause of medical waste.

6 The different type of small material in high amounts cause the dumping in the ocean such as Mercury and their Mercury compound and the oil of the different type these oils produced the different type of serious problem in aquatic life and cause the death of fishes and plants this ad block the gills that are used in respiration, therefore, cause the death in fishes if these fishes remain life and produce the many diseases in other life different type of Agent as the mutagens carcinogenesis and the cadmium compound.

Management of dumped material in ocean

Management of ocean dumping includes the research saving process prevention of waste material and act and law these are called the Ocean dumping act. And their main function is transportation and dumping of material in ocean water and these cause increasing the production of Natural sources and protect human health from the pollution that causes the dumping of ocean and the ocean disposal site is the first step of ocean dumping.

This is Step Up map of the ocean and the designation of the disposal place. And we can protect our Ocean by the national team. Gain regular information and recording of ocean dumping Bupa region.

And these cause the many important resources these are the disposal of a vessel at sea. Testing of this debris and dredged material and the pollution in the open Sea by human activities cause a serious problem cause the death of Aquatic life because the wide range of material is involved and this included the waste material garbage and waste chemical in many produce Ocean dumping is under controlled but in some cases produce serious problems by thanks and boats at sea.

Effect of ocean dumping

Oil spills produce many aquatic problems in the ocean this oil is spread and in fishes life, this oiler in the gill of fishes and block of the respiratory way and Layer produced in the water this layer prevents the growth of a plant and cause the death of a plant because oil prevent the way of photosynthesis, therefore, the plant does not show the growth this process only not affect the fishes and plants life it also affects human life. 

For example, if anyone eats this affected fishes and this fish produce the many problems of women health the many types of animal die such as dolphins sharks and seals due to lack of oxygen because garbage is dispersed in ocean and oxygen not reach and caste Poor health and bottles of plastic material cause the main effect in dumping ocean. 

The main effect of dumping ocean is our carelessness and this is not influenced only fish is life effect on all type of animal that is related will the food chain but we can save our oceans we should not be thrown anything in the ocean and keep the ocean clean and take the law we should follow this law for the safe of Aquatic life and human health, therefore, we should keep the ocean neat and clean.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

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