Some facts about Margella hills and national park

Margella hills

Margella hills are located in the foothills of the Himalayan. It is a hill range and located in the Margella hills national park. The range of the Margella hills is 12605 hectares.  The hills are part of murre. It is a range where a high number of valleys and high mountains are located.


It is instituted in 1980 the Margella hills national park consists of the Rawal lake and the Shakar Parian. Margella hills national park is located the Islamabad city which is an asset of Pakistan. The hill settles between an upgrading of 1604 meters on the east and 685 meters on the western side.


These mountains peaks do not exist billions of years ago. The landmass of India was afloat from the seaboard of Australia and the Asian continent was mostly intact. Around the time when the Pangea breaking apart, the subcontinent starts to move towards the northwards about 220 million years ago.

Around 40 to 50 million years ago it traveled a distance of 6000 kilometers before it collides with Asia. Then the part of the Indian landmass starts to beneath move as a result of this the Asian landmass moves up which gives rise to the Himalayas. The fossils of the marine abound while the rock formation is 40 million old it is clear from this that before the collision of the continent.

The starting point of the Himalayas is these hills. The dominant limestone of the Margella is the mixture of the sandstone and the minor beds of the shale. Two footprints of the humans have also been found by archeologists over one million years ago are preserved in the sandstone.

Flora and fauna

There are about 250 to 300 species of plants in the Margella hills. As many as two-thirds of them are used in the medicines of many people to cure various diseases. The Margella hills are considered the home of the wildlife consisting of the chimpanzee, birds, and carnivores that exist present and that are endangered species such as the leopard.

In the Margella hills, the diversity of the birds is located due to this ecological components are combined that make it a unique place. In the Margella hills, the number of the species is large and no other place in Pakistan is seen that consists of this amount of the species.

As a result of the faunal survey in the park, there are about species of the butterflies are 35, species of the fishes are 37, species of the amphibians are 9, species of the reptiles are 20, species of the bird’s species are 380, species of the small mammals are 21 and the species of the large species are 15 are recorded as far.


The animals of Margella hills are Leopard, Panther, Forest bear, Brown Jackal, civet cat, caviar cat, red fox, barking Deer, Himalayan goral, pangolin, chinkara gazelle, Chimpanzee, special characteristic martin.

Leopards in Margella hills

The snow leopard is lives in the high uphill but the snow leopard often moves down to the murre. The villagers dwelling in the Margella hills off and on see the snow leopard move in the Margella hills but these are not present permanently in the Margella hills.

Bird in Margella

The Margella hills are the best place for birds watchers. The Margella hills are the area that is considered the home place of the birds consists of sparrows, kites, crows, larks, paradise flycatchers, shrikes, black partridge, falcons, hawks, spotted doves, pheasants,  Egyptian vultures, kestrel, white-cheeked bulbul, Indian sparrow hawk, cheer pheasant, spotted love, khalij pheasant, buntings, and wheatears. In the Margella hills, the cheer pheasant is being reared and part of the conservation campaign as it is indigenous to the northwest frontier province.

Environmental conservation

The Margella hills ecology faces threats through deforestation and illegal buildings. The crush plants are located near the Taxila that are busy in the eroding of the hills to extracting the material for making the building. The causes of the deforestation in the Margella are illegal felling of the forests and from the fires.

Margella hills society

In 1989 the Margella hills society is established. The main objective of the establishment of this Margella hills society is to conserve the native environment of the Margella hills and avoid the lessen in the green belt, to advance citizens interest in the preservance of the natural environment, development, and the management of the forests, natural means of the national park and the wildlife of the Margella hills.

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