What are problems in Intensive agricultural forming

Intensive farming definition

Intensive and forming are a combination of two words which means enhance or speed up agricultural (green revolution) and livestock practice to get maximum production from this important forming. By intensifying agriculture and as well as livestock we can grow up our economic rate.

Intensive farming promotes agreement on products and also their sources and meaning can utilize to maximize products and livestock by applying many types of methods and different means.

This method may be are pesticides and also the use of different fertilizers. In livestock use, intensive forming is helpful and increases the livestock of millions of animals including goats’ sheep, and cows, and also in some foreign countries, pigs can be as livestock.

Foods agree on products and dairy products and also some livestock can be yield at large scales by practicing the intensive forming these are maybe in large scales and also cheap it also helps in protecting land which is very important.

During such time agriculture forming in which a large number of workers and labor and money can be used to enhance speed up the products and yield gained by area of land, it is common to use much money.

At a large number of pesticides for yield and crops also for animals when intensive forming used agriculture is the mean to source increase in some cases worker changed by the machinery which will minimize the worker and labor which operate but in some cases it is criticized due to standard low of animals this case pollution in the environment and this leads to the health problem in animals and livestock.

In this modern age here machinery is used informing in agriculture and livestock here tractors are used to plowing this is a useful faction forming industry because in old age plowing takes much time but nowadays tractors are used for this.

In this way crops machine is used to slave and saved time and get a lot of yield in pure form. Is used in the wheat field when wheat is ripened then a harvester is used for cutting the plants and getting maximum products this is the very fast mean in a few minutes a very large area can be harvested by this method

All the sector of agriculture is considered as the backbone of our country because it improves the economy of the country.

The problem in intensive forming

There are the following problems in intensive forming which are faced by formers these are given below.

Limited area

Problems with salinity and logging

The increase of salt concentration in the land is called salinity or these lands are covered by acidic concentration this acidic environment makes the soil un cultivation and un useable about 0.01 million ha land area affected by salinity conditions and also effects by logging. These problems cause reductions in productivity. And land may be remained wasted.

Slow growth

Another important factor that damaged agriculture is slow growth. These growth factors help out the life of the former and their life requirements and also standard conditions of former life which are only depended on agriculture and live stocks.

The problem of Inadequate infrastructure

Inadequate infrastructure problems are another factor that causes the loss of agriculture products. These infrastructures may be roads, railway, buildings, electricity and gas, and water. These are the mechanism.

Natural factors

Some natural factors also affect intensive forming. 

Various diseases of plants

Plants are destroyed a large number of every season due to the viral disease of plants and crops. These problems many loss of agriculture products every season

Naturally climate change

The changing of natural climate is also affecting the crops at large scales. And this cause problem for former

Hyv seeds problems

There are important seeds which are called HYV which are important for agriculture products and for former and lands owners. So, it is important for the government and agriculture organizations to provide these seeds easily and free of charge and cost and tax-free.

Measures to remove these problems

There are the following measures.

  • Easley is available for agricultural credits.
  • Controlling of salinity and logging problems.
  • Dams construction and barrage installed.
  • The seed of HYV providing.
  • Good mechanization.
  • Suitable Research in agriculture forming.
  • Arrange training of the former every season.
  • Increase prices in the productivity of agriculture.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate
American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

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