Electromagnetic radiation| Unseen environmental issue

With the moving of electrically charged objects, a field produces and is called an electromagnetic field. and the radiation that comes from the said field is called electromagnetic radiation Prof. Hans Oersted firstly discovered the magnetic field due to a current in a wire in 1820.  

Natural Source of Electromagnetic radiation

The electromagnetic field is present in the environment everywhere but we cannot see with the necked eye. Electric changes like thunder, storms are involved in the production of the electric field.

Birds and fishes use the magnetic field which is used for direction and for navigation purposes in the North-South.

Human-made Source of Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic fields are also produced by human activity rather than natural sources. If the limb is broken in the support X rays are used to diagnose such conditions. Electricity has no frequency which comes from everywhere.

Different types of high-frequency radio waves are used to transfer information from one place to another through the mobile, radio station, TV, antenna, etc.

The Basics of Frequency and Wavelength

The characteristics of the electromagnetic field are defines through the frequency and wavelength of different types of the field which have a different type of frequency is associated with the body in a various manner. Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light.

The term frequency tells us about the oscillation number and cycle per second. The wavelength simply describes the regular distance in one wave and the other. Thus frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional to each other. It means the higher the wavelength shorter the frequency.

Differences between the non-ionizing electromagnetic field and ionizing radiation

Frequency and wavelength tell us about another main character of the electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic waves that are carried out through particles are termed as quanta. Quanta which has high-frequency waves has a large amount of energy the quanta which has a low frequency.

Various electromagnetic fields have a large amount of energy per quantum which they used to break down the bond. 

In the electromagnetic field gamma rays which are given by cosmic rays, radioactive material and also X rays bring out this conduction is termed as ionizing radiation. The electromagnetic field that quanta are not broken the bond is term is nonionizing radiation.

Electromagnetic field which is made through main form the part of the industrial life radio frequency field, microwaves have a higher wavelength and lower frequency at the end of electromagnetic fields, so their quanta are not able to a chemical bond.

Electromagnetic Field at low Frequency

The electric field present at any time positive or negative electrical charge exists. They use force on their charges within the field.

The power of the electric field is calculated in volts per meter. Some electrical wire that is charged will create and related electrical fields. These fields present uniform when there is no current run. 

The greater the voltage and the muscular the electric field at a given space from the wire. Electric fields are power adjacent to a charge or charged insulator and their power quickly decreases with space from it. An insulator such as a metal shields them very productively. 

Building materials and trees and other materials supply some shielding ability. Thus the electric field from the strength line external surface the houses are lower by the wall, trees, and buildings. When ability lines are hidden in the floor and the electric field at the surface is scarce.

The magnetic field appears from the moving of electric charges. The power of the magnetic fields is calculated in the ampere per meter. Further frequency in electromagnetic field investigation and the technologists and identify an associated amount variability density microtesla.

The magnetic induction is said to be one tesla if it exerts one-newton force one conductor of length one meter placed at a right angle to the field. When one-ampere current passes through it.

When the electric charges motion and magnetic field creates. The unit of the magnetic field is ampere per meter. As compared to the electric field the magnetic field appears only when current run in the device and switch on.

When the current is higher than the magnetic field as in the electric field, the electric fields are stronger when they are very close to their source and are not stronger. When the distances are stronger from the sources. Like a wall of the building do not block the magnetic field.
Electromagnetic Induction

The magnetic field through a circuit and EMF current are reduced in the circuit. This process is called electromagnetic induction.

Uses of Electromagnetic Induction

  • This process is used in a power generating system.
  • Transformer also used this principle to the produced an electromagnetic field.
  • Any appliance refrigerator, computer, etc these are used in the induced electromagnetic field.
  • A credit card also uses this principle.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Adnan Asghar (Ph.D.)

Chinese Academy of Sciences Fuzhou, Fujian

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