Drug overdose symptoms and identifications

Every type of drug contains its side effects also when we take it in a heavier or a larger amount. Some people are addicted to drugs, and some people are at risk of having side effects due to the drugs which they contain accidentally in a heavier amount.

People take more drugs instead of taking them according to the prescription, and this is due to mistakenly. Accidentally and intentionally both are very dangerous to the health. And some people use medicines in the wrong way, i.e. to commit suicide.

By the national institute (NI) on drug abuse, the number of deaths increasing two-fold from 2002-2015.  

 Signs and Symptoms of Drug Overdose

The signs of both physical and psychological drug overdoses can changes, depends upon the type they took. These are the drugs that were taken into the mixture with the other substances.

Very common signs and symptoms of the drug over-doses include:

  • Severe pain in the chest
  • Difficulty in walk
  • Pupils
  • Bluish of the fingers or the lips
  • Difficulty in breath
  • vomiting
  • body temperature is high abnormally
  • aggression in behavior
  • person remained confused
  • death
  • tremors

A person may have all of these signs or may have some of these. But with the indication of some of these signs and symptoms, people are sure to have drug overdoses.

 It is a method that is used to remove or detoxify the poisonous substances from the body of the person incorrect manner.   Many factors are involved in this process such as clinical judgment.

It also involves the user its secret preference and conditions.  Ways of life and belief have a great influence in this process.

Overdose Risk Factors

If we are abusing any kind of drug then there is always a risk of having over-doses. And in another way, some serious and the condition are also the cause of risk.

  • If the body is dependent upon drugs
  • By using many of the drugs including alcohol
  • By taking a large amount of the drug at a time
  • By increasing the dose of material or substances over time.
  • By using the intravenous drugs
  • A person may use many steps of suicide
  • Body tolerance may lead to a decrease.


It is defined as the state of the body when the body is becoming more accustomed to the presence of any kind of drug. The body needs to more amounts of frequent drugs to obtain the kind of high, you recently or previously got with the very lowest amount of dose.

 If the person continues to increase the dose and then he will get a higher chance to have drug overdoses. The word tolerance may also encourage the drug-overdoses risk in another way.

The history of many people tells that the person who is using already the drug in an extra amount then he will not be affected by the effects of the drug-over doses. Or in another way, the person who is negatively using the drug will have not a risk of over-doses immediately.

If our body is required a high dose then the lower dose cannot work well. In this case, it is necessary to take the higher concentration of any drug. If we take the maximum amount of drugs continuously then it leads to the risk of overdosing.

What to Do If You Overdose on Drugs?

If any person or his loved ones have the risk of drug overdoses then he may use the right treatment  You may use the following methods also while waiting for the medical staff to arrive.

You should check the person breathing and also the heartbeat rate. If the person is in the unconscious stage then you should try to get the best response.  And ask the questions that what was happening with him and with the cool way keep the person engaged if it is possible.

If the affected person is not taking his breath then turn the person on his side.

If you are a medically qualified person then provide the affected person CPR if it is important or necessary. 

You should not allow the person to take any kind of other substances.  You should require as much information as possible, which is including the dose and recently the person took the medicines.

You should stay cool and calm and waiting for the medical staff to arrive. And you should assure the person that help is coming and don’t need to worry about it.

Preventing from Drug Overdose

By staying away from the drug, is more important for preventing overdoses. This drug detoxification changes from patients to patient. Most of the drug-reducing poison centres give therapy to keep away from the symptoms of physically removing them from any kind of alcohol and other drugs. 

Drug Identification


The police-based department (BPD) is strictly enforcing the laws and guides the parents, to the educators for not taking the drugs in the wrong way.


It is very common for young people to abuse drugs. And it is increasing day by day. Usually, they steal the drugs from their parents and also illegally get the drugs.

These common drugs are Vicodin, oxycontin, Draven, and valium. You should want to look for the single person or the group of the person together without the mark bottles that are not professionally packed.

Pharmaceutical is the branch in which we concern with special drugs. In this, we have also discussed the composition of that drug, dose of drug, usage, and applications, etc.

The most useful way of prevention from drug overdose is completely not used of drugs. If it is necessary to use the drugs then we should care very well in this case. Due to deficiency in care of overuse of drugs the several harmful problems about health can occur. We should care followings things.

We should increase awareness about the symptoms of overdose.

We should have complete knowledge about the drug which we are used and secondly, we should also know about its normal dose.

We should not use a large number of things like alcohol or other same drugs while in case of using any specific drug.

At the first time of using any drug, it is necessary to use the low quantity or lower concentration because the higher concentration of any drug may cause very harmful and dangerous effects on human health, especially on the central nervous system.

Nervous or Residential Therapy.

In this method, we use different types of methods that are beneficial to us. In this, we can select through many inmate programs. Which are taking place anywhere in any space lasting weeks or months?

These programs give us a model or structure through which patients are treated. By using this method an affected person can be cured and supported. You must take parts in those treatments which are good, such as group therapy, individual treatments counseling, medicine testing, and classes of high educations.

Luxury Treatment.

These types of treatments take a good structure and support because it is highly expensive treatments.

Directional Treatment.

It is the most professional method. Its demand is too much. It involves many facilities, which give very similar care and treatment. In this type of treatment, method time is required to work properly.

Limited health care.

It is a more severe and highly successful method. In this method, many transitions are involved. Highly kind of therapy is used. 

In this case, the patient does not need to go out means no need to go to the hospital. The patient remains at home and takes the doses of medicines all day and it’s for several weeks or even a month.      


It is that drug which is mostly used at school age and mostly the young generations are busy to use these types of drugs. But the mature and educated people do not do so because they know well about the harmful effects of heroin.

In the start, this drug is the cause of peace because it controls the central nervous system completely and the users enjoy it very well after using this heroin. Heroin is mostly available in tiny particles form and it is covered with plastic cover.

The amount of this drug heroin is not higher it is as small as a pencil eraser. Moreover, the syringes can also be used in this case.

Here we can see the shapes of pills. There are special icons are printed on these pills. These icons are shown completely in the figure which is given below.

Storage pattern

These pills are mostly stored in this specific container where they cannot injure or affected by outer environmental substances or other harmful things. In this way, these are saving from crush as well as avoid from broken.

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Adnan Asghar (Ph.D.)
Chinese Academy of Sciences Fuzhou, Fujian

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