Coal industries | Rapid carbon pollution

The coal industries is a branch of commercial enterprises which is related to the discovery and mining of coal.

Meanings of Coal Mining

Coal mining is a specific process through which coal is extracted from the ground by digging from specific area as well as by using special techniques and instruments. Coal is valuable just because of its energy contents. Coal has been widely used to produce electricity since the 1880s .

Cement and steel industries also use coal as a fuel for the removal of iron from iron ore and for cement production.

Where do coal industries found in Pakistan

The main industry of coal which is found in Pakistan is Thar coalfield. Thar coalfield is found in Deserts of Thar, Tharparkar District of Sindh, a province of Pakistan in 1991s.

This was also discovered by the united states Agency for the international department. The Balochistan which is the province of Pakistan is also richest in mineral resources. Pakistan has the largest coal reserves in Sindh which produces approximately 175 billion tonnes.

Which type of coal is imported by Pakistan

Sub-bituminous coal is imported by Pakistan. sub-bituminous coal has a feature between the lignite and bituminous. This sub-bituminous coal is primarily used as a fuel for the production of steam electric power generations.

Environmental impacts of coal industries

  • There are many bad impacts of coal
  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Waste  management
  • Land uses

There are also sever effects on health which are caused by burning of coal these industries as

  • Cerebrovascular problems
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Respiratory problems

Burning of coal can also cause bad effects in the environments. When coal burns many gases are produced as well as particles of ash known as fly-ash is also escaped in the environment. The sulfur produced by the burning of coal reacts with oxygen and forms a sulfur oxide that is main and for the most element that causes air pollution if are produced in a huge amount.

Air Pollution and Coal Mining

Air pollution is caused by the burning of coal in industries where many gases such as sulfur nitrogen are gone to the environment where sulfur and nitrogen combine with oxygen to form sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxides, as well as fly ash particles, are also released in the air which causes air pollution. 

Air pollution is also concerned with coal-fired power plants and many health diseases is linked with this coal power station as enlisted below.

Lungs ailments, Cancer, Asthama, Heart problems, Neurological problems, Acid rain, Global Warming, etc.

Water Pollution and Coal Mining

Water pollution can also occur Just because of the burning of coal in mining and coal industries. Water pollution has also negative effects on health. Though water pollution acid rain also falls where around the mining and coal industries. 

It also contaminates the groundwater, rivers, seas, streams, lakes just from heavy metals mercury and many others. About 72% of water pollution comes into our water reserve in our countries just because of coal-burning water is used to remove and was the coal from its ore, and sometimes coal is transported by using water. 

Water is also used to cool the streams, where electricity is produced in coal power stations. Water is also used to control the pollution which is occurring by plants’ contamination. The deposition of waste products of mining industries contaminates the water which we use for drinking and cooking purposes.

The deposition of waste products of coal industries into the lakes, streams, and ponds can cause severe threats for aquatic organisms.

Effects of coal industries on health

Coal industries have bad effects on living organisms. It can cause skin cancer, heart issue, asthma, black lung ailments, and many other severe environmental and public health issue and effects. There are not only physical effects on health.

There is big risk for the worker those work in mining or coal industries with respiratory effects which is caused by chemical particles on dust particles in high-level coal industries. The major problems are massive fibrosis and black lungs. 

Hearing problems are more common in mining industries. There are also severe threats for health caused just because of the mining as well as coal industries.

These threats include heart problems like blocking of arteries which result in heart attacks, heart failure in function and death of heart tissue just because of lack of oxygen in an environment where a person does works. 

When a minor inhales huge amount of silica, quartz or crystalline than an irreversible, disabling kind if sickness occurs which is known as silicosis. The black long disease also caused by the above elements. Fibrosis disease occurs just because of the scarring and inhalation of air in this kind of environment.

Threats of coal industries

There are many threats to coal industries but the most dangerous mining is underground mining. Its threats include gas poisoning, roof collapses, suffocation, bursting of rocks gas explosions and outbursts. if there firedamp bursting occurs then it will lead to a huge kind of explosion whose content will be coal dust that would be more dangerous that can engulf the complete groove where mining is doing on.

How does coal mining affect the biosphere

Coal mining is too dangerous for the atmosphere and its different spheres. Coal mining disturbs the lithosphere, a part of the atmosphere .

As well as coal mining and outground and surface minings have mostly very dangerous effects on living organisms as well as gases present in the atmosphere. These minings are done on a large scale so these require very large areas through which different environmental issues are raised. 

These environmental problems include water pollution, land pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, soil or earth crust erosion, dust or flying ash which has dangerous effects on the living organisms those living around minings areas and coal industries..

These are a kind of step mining that can cause destruction of forests so deforestation occurs in results animals birds and plants lose their habitat.

Aquatic life and coal mining

Coal industries and minings have also bad effects on aquatic life because of the wastes like chemicals and other different heavy metals are drained out into the waterways like lakes, streams and sea etc, so these chemicals and heavy metals react with oxygen found in water bodies through which suffocation results just because of the blackness of oxygen and many aquatic animals get death.

Impacts of coal mining on wildlife

Coal and other mining industries have bad impacts on wildlife because the surface mining from the rocks and mountain tops can produce large amounts of ash particles and many other harmful pollutants particles are produced. These particles enter into the air, land waterway through which our wildlife gets disturbed. 

These mining also become the reasons of acid rainfall around the industrial areas which have very bad effects on both living and non-living organisms/objects. Acid rain also disturbs the reproduction of the animals and aquatic plants as well as their growth so there is big loss of animals and plants occurs.   

Reviewed by:
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ph.D. (PU)
Post Doctorate

American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA

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