Volatile organic compounds | Source of air pollution

volatile organic compounds

Volatile organic compounds are characterized as those organic chemicals with huge vapor pressure at normal room temperature. This huge vapor pressure is as a development of a minor boiling point, which results as the causation of more molecules are evaporated from the surface of the solid or liquid compound and penetrates into the air to … Read more

Persistent organic pollutants | Resistant organic compounds

Persistent organic pollutants

Persistent organic pollutants the extravagance organic compounds that are resistant to environmental degradation through chemical, biochemical, and photolytic processes. Explanation about Persistent organic pollutants Because of their persistence, POP’s accumulated with potential adverse impacts on human health and the environment. Many POP’s are currently or were in the past used as pesticides, solvents, pharmaceutical, and industrial … Read more

Lead poisoning | Common body contaminator

lead poisoning

Humans use lead in their daily activities from 6000 years. In the past, simply use lead in the formation of trays. Kitchen utensils and decorative things. But lead is a very dangerous metal for a human being. It affects the reproduction system, urinary system hem poetic. The lead effects man by exposure to water soil … Read more

Endocrine disruptors chemicals

Endocrine disruptors chemicals

What are Endocrine disruptors chemicals? As we know that inside our body there is an endocrine system that usually acts to produce and secrete the hormones and the other secretions which are necessary to regulate the body activates of our body. These can be disturbed by other factors which are called the disruptors. The endocrine … Read more

Cyanide killer chemical and source of pollution


What is Cyanide | Chemical formula of cyanide Cyanide is a group that contains C≡N triple bond and it is a chemical compound. C≡N is also called a Cyano group. The anion CN‾ exists in the cyanide group belong to the inorganic cyanide. Formula: CN‾ conjugate acid: Hydrogen cyanide The compounds are more harmful is the potassium cyanide … Read more