Soil erosion | Disintegration of necessary soil

Soil Erosion

The process in which the disintegration of soil takes place is called soil erosion. Our earth is divided into different spheres like hydrosphere, xerosphere etc. some parts of soil are completely covered with ice, these are called glaciers. Disintegration takes place in all these regions of soil.  Types of Soil Erosion There are different physical … Read more

Green revolution | High yielding grain varieties

Green Revolution

Green Revolution is a significant increase in agricultural productivity which is resulted by the introduction of grain varieties that are high-yielding, application of insecticides and pesticides  and well developed management techniques.  Agricultural Revolution is the main object of Green Revolution.  Doctor Borlaug is the father of the Green Revolution.  He revolutionized the agricultural industry.  He introduced the high yielding varieties of wheat … Read more

Intensive agricultural forming

Intensive agricultural forming

Intensive and forming are a combination of two words which means enhance or speed up agricultural and livestock practice to get maximum production form this important forming. By intensifying agriculture and as well as livestock we can grow up our economy rate. Intensive forming promote agree on products and also their sources and meaning of … Read more